Bigfoots Backyard
Rank 26
Game Rust
Status Offline
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Players 0
Votes 131
All-time Votes 404
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Country United States
Types Active AdminsZombiesPVEBetter LootVote Rewards
Owner Morgana
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PVE/No Decay/Active Admins/Noob Friendly/Wipes Monthly.
Heli damage turned off so you can learn to fly like the UFO's!
Caution: Bigfoot and Alien Abductions DO happen here!
Zombie Hordes/Bigfoot AI with tracker/Backpack/Personal Attack helis/
Bradley Tiers/Bradley Guards/Virtual Quarries/Deployable Ziplines/
Men in Black Takedown/Alien Takeover Event/Cargo Train/Skins/Quests/
Water bases/Stats/levels/Multiple Brads/Quick Smelt/Store Robbery!
Your inventory stays with you upon death UNLESS you suicide!
Custom made map with Custom monuments included and lots to do!