DracCraft[Noob Friendly|PVE w/PVP Zones|
Rank 62
Game Rust
Status Online
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Players 0/50
Votes 20
All-time Votes 54
Uptime 100%
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types PVEPvPKitsActive AdminFriendly
Owner Dracconus
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After just ONE MONTH of playing rust on multiple different servers I realized that most PVE and PVE Hybrid servers are inherently flawed. So I made my own server; and took the things I liked about several of the servers I played on, and made them actually function COHESIVELY!

Our server is hosted on our own privately owned and operated DEDICATED server using 4 cores on a Ryzen 7 3800x / Expandable RAM / NVME M.2 not some $10/mo "game host" where the CPU's cores are shared with other servers.

100% FREE - NO VIP/MVP, etc.
4Player MAX Teams
ALL deployables locked to you and your team by default
Active PLAYING staff with NO EXTRA PERMS other than management
Building-wide Workbenches
CONSTANTLY monitored performance/integrity
Corpse-looting ONLY allowed in PVP Zones
Craftable Recycler
Craftable trashcans
Custom in-game Shop
Event Broadcasts
In-Game [/info] command for F.A.Q
Kits to convert economy to scrap
Leveling System that pays to economy
Minicopters with 4 seats, Lights and storage
No cost [/remove] tool w/ partial refund
NO PAID RANKS or in-game "donor perks."
PVP in designated areas/events
P2P Trade
Purchaseable Tugboats
Scrap Heli Storage
TRUE PVE/PVP Hybrid Server
Test Generators / Simple Lights
..And more!

No Hacking|Exploiting|Botting|Advertising|Prejudice|Racism|Sexism|Politics
Be RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE - Jokes are okay provided they're tactful.

We welcome any and all feedback!

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