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Rang 35
Spiel Runescape
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Stimmen 1
Allzeit Stimmen 2033
Land Vereinigte Staaten
Ausführung 317
Arten AchievementsActive StaffPVMCustom ContentActive Community
Inhaber Divination
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800+ members in our discord

Divination is a 317 Customs Server released in August of 2019, thriving in giving you the BEST content you've ever seen on an RSPS. Our development team is working round the clock on updates to ensure we bring you content you've never seen before! Join now by clicking the link below!

-Fast progression
-Custom Harry Potter robes!
-Custom forging system
-::mini (Fights with you, or FOR you!)
-Weekly Updates
-100% unseen content!
-Liquidation Vault
-Not pay to win
-Loyalty Skill
-Tons of bosses!
-Combat assisting pets
-Free donor through voting!

-Kingdom Hearts Minigame
Help Sora, Donald, and Goofy battle the Heartless! Can you collect all the keyblades?
-God of Lightning Zone
Gain our 1 of a kind Raijin set! Fully textured!
-Forging System
High tiered bosses to drop Forge Fragments!
-NPC Kill count requirements
Balanced progression through the game with fast drop rates!