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Arkadium PvP Cluster
Season 1 just started May 7th!

- Ragnarok (Bloodstalkers, Velons, Snow owls, Managarmrs, Reaper, light pets added)
- The Center
- Extinction (Coming soon)

No pay to win!
Admins don't play!

Server Info:
- Harvest x8 (x15 on weekend)
- Harvest Health x1.5 (more per resource)
- XP x10 (20x on weekend)
- Taming x5 (10x on weekend)
- Wild Dino Eating x6
- WildDino lvl 210
- Player Level 150
- MaxTribeLimit: 8
- CaveDmg x2

- 4X Offline Turret damage
- 4X Offline HP
- 60 (90 if in pvp) min delay, 30 min charge up time

- Editable Server UI
- More Stacks
- Awesome Spyglass
- HG Pick Up Gun V1.0
- SuperStructures
- Solo Farm
- Armory Cabinet
- AutomatedArk + Addons
- Naj's Speed Fliers
- Engram Unlocks
- /home command
- New Player Protection (3 Days)
- /suicide command
- PvP Cooldown (Tp, Building, Turret Filled, etc)
- TDM and DM Events

There are several "Raid Bases" around the map that contain great loot if you'd like a challenge!

Rules: You can read the rules on our discord-server.

Come join us!