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PVP Playground-CEN
Rang 590
Spiel Ark
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Arten PvP
Inhaber Dactyl
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Character Stats
Health: +10
Stamina: +10
Oxygen: +20
Food: +10
Water: +10
Weight: +20
Melee: +10
Movement Speed: +2
Crafting Skill: +20
Fortitude: +2

Dino Stats
Dino Stamina and Weight have had a slight increase

Max Levels
Character: 125 (includes Rockwell and Chibis)
Wild: 150 (vanilla)
Wyvern Egg: 190 (vanilla)
Rock Drake Egg: 190 (vanilla)

Harvest: 8x (this does not mean you grab 8 rocks per pick up)
Taming: 8x
XP: 4x (crafting and special events give you 2x more)
Breeding: 0.6 (you can breed 40% faster compared to vanilla)
Maturation: 8x
Hatching: 8x

Tribe Member Limit: 6
Alliances: None