RazorStorm Factions
Rank 1688
Game Minecraft
Status Offline
IP play.razorstorm.net
Website http://razorstorm.net
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Players 0
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All-time Votes 0
Uptime 0%
Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Server owner must manually enable!
Country United States
Types FactionFaction PvPEconomyMCMMO
Owner razorstorm
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RazorStorm aims to provide a Classic Factions Experience found in 2013/2014. Call us a counter-culture Factions server. We focus on gameplay where the community is more involved with one another. The point of RazorStorm is not to AFK aimlessly to collect massive amounts of cash just to play on a server with an inflated economy.

Cash is limited on RazorStorm and caps at a certain amount. Shop prices match this, and the main money makers aren't the blaze rods or iron ingots, but the sugar cane, the stone, to name a few. New ways of making money must be found.

RazorStorm goes back to simpler times with a shop that encourages trading and player interaction, to an auction system that focuses on barter through chat, and a more intense fight over winning items.

The grind to make money is tough, but with no cannon regulations, a circular map (instead of a traditional square bordered map), and the availability of bedrock; the work to raid, build your own base, and protect it is increased as well.

PvP is intense, to say the least. Most players on RazorStorm will tend to follow the Gapple PvP Style. However, fans of PotPvP, paired with McMMO Alchemy can seriously make a dent in the PvP arenas.

No crates. Everyone can still vote, but instead of voting for chance, you vote for a chance at higher rewards every time. Normal vote rewards, lucky rewards, and cumulative votes that give you better rewards as you vote make this an ideal rewards system.

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