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Game Ark
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Genesis 2 is live!

♣♣♣ Message ♣♣♣
This server is very new. It went live on 5-2-21. We have a wide scope of players from all over the world playing. The server is really taking off. We have a steady stream of new players joining! We have 3 PVP maps and 5 PVE maps, all clustered together. The PVP maps have higher rates and better drops to encourage PVP.

♣♣♣ Discord ♣♣♣
Join our discord for updates and more:

♣♣♣ How To Join ♣♣♣
Come play Ark with us on Thug's Ark Cluster:
To add the ARK's to your in-game favorites, open steam, click View on the top left, then Servers. Click the favorites tab and click Add A Server. Add the servers below individually:
You can also use Run to launch to the server directly. From your windows search bar type in "Run" and hit enter. This will oppen a small window. Paste the link in and hit enter. Links:

Ragnarok - steam://connect/
Island - steam://connect/
Abberation - steam://connect/

Crystal Isles - steam://connect/
Extinction - steam://connect/
Genesis - steam://connect/
Valguero - steam://connect/
Genesis 2 - steam://connect/

Your game will then begin to download the 13 mods we have. This may take a while and you might have to attempt to join many times. It is more ideal to click the mod