UnityGamers Genesis P2 x5-PVE-Mods/Shop
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Unity Gamers Community offers a modded PVE experience to players on our servers.
Our aim is to build a friendly, fun and fair environment for you all to enjoy, a place to call home.
We have an active player base of friendly, helpful members and a dedicated team of Admins/Moderators with years of experience.
We host a number of PVE servers within our cluster, including self-developed maps (coming soon), VIP map (requires exclusive join) and Event maps.

Mods required to play on our servers

Maps on our Cluster:
» The Island
» Ragnarok
» Aberration
» Extinction
» Valguero
» Genesis Part1
» Crystal Isles
» VIP (Exclusive join)
» Ashvale (self-developed map)
» Genesis Part2
» Fjordur
» Lost Island

API Plugins:
»Ark Homes (Home & teleport system for Ark)
»Ark Shop (As a supplement to the main shop – TC Rewards)
»Ark Shop UI (UI for Ark Shop)
»Dino Colour Command (Colour your dino through command)
»Dino Finder (Find any lost dino)
»Item Plus (Prevents buffer overflow)
»Lethal Quests (Player quest system)
»Perfect Item Spawner (Corrects quality tier system)
»Player Utilities (A collection of useful player commands)
»Token Bank (A rare form of currency used by other plugins)
»Vote Rewards (Reward Players for voting)

Server info:
» x5 XP / H / T
» x20 Breeding
» x10 Special Events