Snorky Craft World ● Enhanced Survival
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Game Minecraft
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Country United States
Version 1.17.1
Types SurvivalMCMMOAdventure
Owner bakayaroztw
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Hello everyone! SnorkyPlay Here! (No pun intended)

SnorkyCraft has been released after 10 days of brainstorming, 66 hours of work, It's an enhanced survival, mainly focuses on EliteMobs, where your time survivaling in the wilderness would just be the stepping stone for you to step foot into defeating strong and difficult bosses! We have plugins such as mcMMO to boost players power, Elite Equipments to better protect players from Elites, and ofcourse a simple GriefPrevention plugin to protect your masterpieces from being griefed by your enemies!

The server is designed so that player have the least interaction with commands as possible! for example in order to set your home you'll just have to place down a bed and right click it, then you'll be able to teleport back to it using /home! There are also alot of other nice stuff in the server too such as 6 Rows Barrels, Enderchest, Ridable Animals, TreeCapitator, ArmorStandEditor and bunch of other things!

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