Iron Skull-AUS-MedievalPVP-13/11-15x-Fre
Rank 1262
Game Ark: Survival Evolved
Status Offline
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Country Australia
Types PvPModdedFunBalancedChallenging
Owner Riiloo
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Iron Skull is a PVP server that is different from others. The main focus on this server is to be in medieval style focus. No tek or fabricator engrams or structures. It is NOT an RP server (despite some of the mods), but I do not care and will not stop you if people want to RP. It's a PVP server. Not RP.

Most but not all "Dinosaur" species are disabled (or replaced). All "Mammal" species are the main spawns, and no lootable blueprints. You may only find random quality pre-crafted items in supply drops or treasure chests. So getting drops may be important if you want to improve your gear!

It has had hard development on it to work with the current implemented mods along with a handful of ARK API Plugins and to balance it in general. A lot of testing and changes will come and go.

All Rates are 15x
Map is Fjordur
You can view all other info and even more detailed info about the server in the discord in the info channel! You can ask any questions as well! Please don't be alarmed that the discord is basically empty, as I said, this is a very new and fresh server!

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