Rank 114
Game Ark
Status Online
IP ark.lngnetwork.net:7781
Website https://lng-shop.tebex.io/
Discord Click to join
Players 2/70
Votes 1
All-time Votes 39
Uptime 52.5%
Last Check 3 month(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types PvEVote RewardsModdedDedicatedBalanced
Owner Anzety
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F2 In-Game Shop Menu to let you Buy, Sell and Trade
Smooth Map transferring (overflow protection, no mindwipe needed, /upload command to transfer Element,Artifacts etc.)
:: XP, Harvest/Gather, Taming Speed: x50
:: Baby Raise, Gestation and Egg Hatch Speed: x100
:: Max Player Level: 237
:: Max Dino Level Wild: 600, Wyverns/Drakes: 750
:: Max Dino Levels that can be added after tame: 237
:: Beginner kits to get you started
:: Anti PVE Griefing Plugin (Cant be killed/drowned or looted by others)
:: Offline Player Protection (Offline Invincibility)
:: Engram unlocker (Including all DLC engrams)
:: Inventory recovery
:: Dino tracking
:: Dino storage
:: Upgrade Station
:: Vote Rewards
:: 99% uptime