Rank 331
Game Runescape
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All-time Votes 82
Country United Kingdom
Version 317
Types EconomyPKingPetsGamblingBoss Pets
Owner Clarkey1993
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-Game Modes-
Normal Mode
All Ironman Modes
Extreme can be added to any game mode, reducing XP rates and boosting drop rate by 5%

-Active Community-
Our discord is continuing to grow with new players every day, with warm welcomes and hello's!
We have events going on all the time, keeping everyone curious with what might be coming next...
The community is also very competitive, whether it be first to maxing out an account, completing
achievements, or killing each other in the wilderness and walking out with their bank.

-We Listen-
Here at Revelation, we make sure to release very consistent updates, and new content.
we are always encouraging players to fill up the suggestions box on our discord, we want
the players to build the environment they play in!

Epic Wilderness

-Wilderness Keys-
Obtained from wilderness slayer tasks only.
Rare rewards from chest include items like, Zenyte shard, Abyssal whip, Dragon boots, both
Dex and Arcane scrolls, and plenty more!

New wilderness boss that is within the lava maze. The boss has two phases, you will want to use
range on the first phase, second phase you will use magic, while the whole time it's best to use
magic protection prayer. After the boss dies, a chest will come down and you can open the chest
with the wilderness key, guaranteed to drop every time the boss is slain. The boss also drops
mangled bones which

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