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LittleNERD Fjordur PVE/Allx10/SS/Shop
Rank 56
Game Ark: Survival Evolved
Status Online
Discord Click to join
Players 4/70
Votes 35
All-time Votes 1293
Uptime 100%
Last Check 5 minute(s) ago
Country Singapore
Types ModdedPvEDedicatedLag FreeCommunity
Owner nerdcommunityark

LittleNERD PvE Cluster Servers

Mod Collection

All rates: x10
Max Character Level: 180
Wild Dino Level: 150
Decay timer: 15 Days

Ability to suicide
Ability to transfer tributes and elements on all servers
Accurate date for tribe log in real time
Active admins support
Active player list
ARK Casino Games
Auto clear looted beaver dams
Auto learn all engrams without lag
Auto sync decay timer on all servers
Auto wild dino wipe daily (twice)
Balance server settings
Boosted imprint bonus
Controlled trading system for players
Corpse tracker
Cluster chat on all servers
Custom ARK Shop list
Dino tracker
Double boosted rates during ARK events
Friendly and helpful community
Full ascension
Includes all ARK Bosses from all maps
Kick me feature for player connected bug
Latest ARK Shop UI
Less loading time
Live Server Status tracker
Low mods count
Low Server Ping
No auto breeding
No building near a player base within 50 foundations without permission
No level cap for dinos
No foundation support required for structures
No foundation or pillars spam
No harvesting lag
No random spike walls spam
No unclaimed dinos
No wipe cluster
Only QoL mods
Overflow buffer protection
Pipe intake irrigation from everywhere
Premium membership perks
Premium plugins
Rewards from Server votes
Self hosted dedicated server
Structures and dinos have same decay timer
Unlimited Mindwipes
Wild dino fertilized eggs wipe daily

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