PH Ascendants Van PvE NoWipe [SE]
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Game Ark
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Country Canada
Types PvEVanillaSurvivalDedicatedLag Free
Owner phascendants
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~PH Ascendants (PC/EPIC)
Dedicated ARK servers we have all maps opened for everyone Vanilla and Modded also our Dedicated PVP (Vanilla/Modded) πŸ™ŒNO WIPE ☠️NO DECAY 😘ACTIVE ADMIN 24/7, πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦FRIENDLY COMMUNITY, 🀫NO DRAMA. We refund most things coz we know the feeling but please don't abuse.
🎯 We balanced everything from top to bottom to give players best experience of ark! We provide a transparency to our server config means you are able to see everything and also you are able to suggest for us to improve the gameplay. Join to our discord for more info! 🎯


πŸ‘‰ Vanilla: x2 Experience x3 harvesting x4 Taming
πŸ‘‰ Dino Level:
Normal 150 max
Tek 180 max
Egg (Wyvern, Magmasaur, Drake, Deino) 190 max

βœ… The Island
βœ… Scorched Earth
βœ… Aberration
βœ… Extinction
βœ… Genesis PT1
βœ… Genesis PT2
βœ… Valguero
βœ… Ragnarok
βœ… Crystal Isles
βœ… Lost Island
βœ… Fjordur
βœ… The Center (Clustered PvPvE) means connected to all pve cluster and you can burn your resources, dino if you have plenty

βœ… AntiPveGriefing
βœ… ArkShop
βœ… AutoFillCrops
βœ… DinoUtilities
βœ… DodosDinofinder
βœ… EngramResourcePuller
βœ… ItemCollector
βœ… Permissions
βœ… Playerlist
βœ… PlayerUtilities
βœ… VoteRewards
βœ… WeekendRates