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[ ATLAS: AHOG - Reinventing Adventure! ]

Raise the anchor, chart your course, and set sail into a world of unprecedented excitement! AHOG is inviting you to our highly-modified 5x5 grid server, where the limits of vanilla Atlas have been cast off like a rogue wave. Here, the bold craft their own legend, and the timid are claimed by the deep.

Welcome to the New Age of Atlas

Intense Modded PvP: AHOG breathes new life into PvP with adrenaline-fueled combat phases lasting a pulse-pounding four hours. Survive, thrive, and conquer!
Endless Power: In our world, there's no limit to your ambitions. Gather a crew without boundaries, form endless alliances, and seize control of the endless sea.
Uncharted Territories: Claim unlimited islands and reign over a vast dominion of your own. This is your world to shape.
Thrilling Admin Events and Tournaments: Stand tall in challenging tournaments and epic events. Bask in the glory and share in the spoils of victory.

Engage in our Discord Community

Join a vibrant and respectful community. Share tales of your sea battles, victories, and cunning strategies. Respect, just like the wind, can carry you far in our world.

Are you ready to dive into the revamped experience of AHOG's modded Atlas server? Will you become a legend of the new world, or will your story be lost beneath the waves?

The tide is changing, and your unprecedented adventure awaits. Will you seize the helm? The horizon is yours to conquer, matey.

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