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Game Runescape
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Country United States
Version Osrs
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OSRS Economy with full Runelite client

• Excellent Lag-free 24/7 Server Hosting

• Excellent OSRS formulas, pathfinding, and combat

• Most OSRS Bosses & Wildy Bosses

• Full skilling including Construction

• Achievements

• Treasure Trails

• Full Chambers of Xeric

• Multiple XP and Ironman Modes

• Full RuneLite client with all the plugins

• Skilling minigames such as Wintertodt, Aerial fishing and more

• Tons of pets

• LMS, PK tournaments, and Wildy events around the clock

• A few custom end game bosses that are extremely tasteful and fit right in with OSRS lore

• Upgrade table to add fair and balanced perks to your weapon or gear

• Dedicated developer, staff team and community

• And much more you'll have to come see for yourself ingame!

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