MG 20x PvP Small Tribes Aberration
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PvP Moonlight Gaming 20x No Wipe Small Tribes Cluster

[ Features ]
-PC Steam cluster hosted ourselves on a Dedicated server
-20x all
-6 man tribes
-No alliances
-Custom Drops
-Tribe Logs and Chat to your own Discord
-Link your Discord to in-game for daily bonus points, the ability to kick yourself and more!
-Located in Central United States (CST)

[ Mods ]
-Super Structures
-Dino Storage
-Best Egg
-Editable UI
-Naj's Speedy Flyers
-Custom Dino Levels (Island, Ab, Extinction)
-Awesome Spy Glass
-Tribute and Element Transfers
-Ultra Stacks

[ Plugins ]
-Dino Color
-In-game Shop (F2 shop)
-Engram Unlocker (Auto unlocks engrams and no crashes on map change)
-Cross Cluster Tribe and Global Chat
-Decay (Auto Decays inactive tribes after 30 days)
-Name/Tribe Control (Forces same name/tribe cross-cluster)
-New Player Protection (NPP)
-No Wander
-Reusables (Spear, Grapple, bola, parachute, lasso)
-Smooth Transfer
-Solo Farm
-Vote Rewards

Crystal Isles:
Genesis 1:
Genesis 2:
Lost Island:

Mod Collection: