MG 25x PvP Small Tribes Genesis 2
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Our goal at Moonlight is to provide quality of life improvements to your playtime while keeping PvP intact. (Steam)

We use a plugin that allows you to link your tribe log to your personal or tribe discord. This allows notifications such as structures destroyed, dino/players killed or new dinos born. Designed for offline notification.

-Engrams auto-unlock w/ no crash on map change.
-Custom drops
-NPP (New Player Protection)
-4 Man Tribe Limit
-No Alliances
-25x EXP
-25x Harvest/Gather
-25x Tame
-Supply Crate Loot Quality 1.2x
-Fishing Loot Quality 1.5x
-Max Player level - 105 before ascensions
-Max Wild Dino 150. Max Wild Tek Dino 180
-Max Quetzal Speed 260
-Max All Other Flyers 240
-Shop and lootboxes available
-Dedicated Server

Please consider joining our discord for more detailed settings and information.

Many of these mods have some features disabled. Please visit discord for details.

Super Structures
Super Stacks
Dino Storage
Element & Tribute Transfers
Awesome Spyglass
Utilities Plus
Naj's Speedy Flyers
Better Dino Distribution
Best Eggs
Server UI

-Dino Colors
-No Wander
-Server Cross Chat with Discord Plugin