KokHard Aberration
Rank 335
Game Ark
Status Online
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Players 0/30
Votes 0
All-time Votes 1
Uptime 100.0%
Last Check 3 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types PvPModdedVote RewardsLag FreeBalanced
Owner KokHardKluster
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Server Rates
Taming: 10x
Harvesting: 10x
XP Gain: 10x
Maturation: 100x
Egg Hatch Speed: 100x
Mating Interval: 0.075x
Imprint Interval: 0.125x
Loot Crate Multiplier: 0.5x
Cave Damage: 3x

Max Player Level: 150
Max Wild Dino: 150
Max Wyvern/Rock Drake Egg: 190
Max Magmasaur Egg: 150
Max Deinonychus Egg: 150
Added Levels After Tame: 150

Tribe Limit: 5
Dino Tame Limit: 500
Turret Limit: 500
Offline Turret Damage: 2.5x
New Player Protection: 2 Days

- Structures Plus
- Platforms Plus
- Speedy Flyers
- Editable Server UI
- Ultra Stacks
- Awesome Spyglass
- AA Wireless Generator
- Awesome Teleport Pads
- Dino Storage V2
- Lethal Reusables
- ARK Additions: The Collection!
- Simple Spawners

ORP Activation: 30 Minutes
ORP PvP CD: 60 Minutes
Wild Dino Wipes: 6 Hours
Automatic Save: 4 Hours
Wipe: 4 Months