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Rank 474
Game Runescape
Discord Click to join
Votes 0
All-time Votes 1
Country Canada
Version 317
Types EconomySkillingPetsVoteActive Staff
Owner medics

Rs-Redemption is a 317 Eco server, Just starting out!

Myself and another friend of mine have been attempting to develop this for quite awhile.
We both think it is finally ready for release.

+ More!

Some Special Features:
New Home Location to previous!
Special Donor Zone!
A Select Few custom Weapons! (Plus some buffed up weapons!)

Features List:
317 loading osrs data
24 working skills
30+ bosses with pets
PK system with killstreaks
80+ Achievements
Free for all tournament
Cape particles
Player owned shop
Custom interfaces
Trivia points system
WildyWyrm Boss Event
Revenant town
Clue scrolls
Crystal keys
Wilderness keys
Shooting star
Evil tree
Bank tabs
Money pouch
Edgeville home
Resizable mode
Zoom-able client
Shift dropping
Raids 1 & 2 items
Much more...

We are still a work in progress, So come check us out on our Journey!

Please join our discord at: for newest Client and Cache updates as our website is currently under construction!

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