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Calling all able bodied monster hunters! Darkshire is under threat from all types of foul and spooky monsters! The residents have hired two monster hunters to get rid of the problem but they need some assistance! Use the portal in the mall to enter the event. Happy Halloween everyone!

We’re happy to present our 9th raid tier; Zul’Gurub. Zul’Gurub features five bosses, A new faction to gain rep with, and all upgrades for Tier, Donor, and Voter. We’ll be adding a rep vendor and daily quest for this instance over the next few days. We’ve also added over 100 new mounts from Shadowlands to our recent patch 9 update. Some of these mounts will be earned in the new rep vendor for T9. The rest will periodically be released through other content as rare drops and in new events. Be sure to join our discord so you can stay better connected and don’t miss our giveaway events!

Patch update! 108 new Shadowland mounts been added ready for content release 😉 😄 Visit our changelogs to see the changes (https://heroes-wow.com/index.php?page=changelogs&changelog=2) or in changelog. You can get the patch via the website, launcher or via this link https://www.mediafire.com/file/mnaogwhwflp5hpq/Patch-9.MPQ/file

August 7th, 2021 marks exactly 10 years that Heroes WoW has been around. We did not expect 10 years ago today that our server would bloom to what it has become today. We hope you all join us in the celebrations!