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The NEW WotLK SERVER which is answer on a pure BLIZZLIKE REALM. It’s Server for EVERYONE, and is one the most popular servers for this expansion, in pik time more than 5000 PLAYERS. It is a healthy population, and there are a lot of groups to do dungeons/raids available.

0 Wrath of The Lich King BlizzlikeBattlegroundsPVPEventsHardcore


0 PVPEventsFriendly StaffBattlegroundsBlizzlike


HALLOWEEN EVENT has STARTED & GREAT EVENTS in frame of 10 YEARS of SERVER are here! Log-in for daily quest/events to earn event tokens and loot coins! Be sure to join our discord for daily giveaways that can earn you in-game items and gold/silver coins. https://discord.com/invite/ZKB6utW

0 Wrath of The Lich King BattlegroundsPVPFriendly StaffNo LagCustom


The FIRST and UNIQUE SERVER with 8 REALMS VANILLA, TBC and WotLK with 8 DIFFERNT RATES. It’s Server for EVERYONE who is very GOOD STRATEG, because YOU can PLAY with whole YOUR OWN KOHORT, GUILD or LEGION (like an ACIENT ROMAN military UNIT).

0 The Burning Crusade BlizzlikeBattlegroundsPVPArenasFriendly Staff