WoW - 1.12.1, 2.4.2 and 3.3.5A 8 REALMS
Rank 558
Game World Of Warcraft
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All-time Votes 18
Country United States
Version The Burning Crusade
Types BlizzlikeBattlegroundsPVPArenasFriendly Staff
Owner WoW Server
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The FIRST and UNIQUE SERVER (VANILLA, TBC, WotLK) with 8 REALMS with 8 DIFFERNT RATES: MOLTEN (Vanilla-low rate), REVENDRETH (WotLK), ARDENWEALD (Instant 80), OUTLAND (TBC - low rate), ORIBOS (blizzlike), WINTERGRASP (low rate) , DEATHWING (medium rate) and KALIMDOR (high rate). This is the only ONE SERVER where YOU can PLAY with an ARMY - not a SINGLE CHARAKTER. The NEW SERVER which is answer on a pure BLIZZLIKE REALMS. It’s Server for EVERYONE who is very GOOD STRATEG, because YOU can PLAY with whole YOUR OWN KOHORT, GUILDIA or LEGION (like an ACIENT ROMAN military UNIT). If you’re FUN of BLIZZLIKE and servers, then it might be the BEST CHOICE and good fit for YOU. Our 8 Realms offers different experience rates, different rates for gold and weapon skills, profession and reputation. Register today, have FUN & PLAY:

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