RustySights 3X | PVP | Modded
Rank 1809
Game Rust
Status Offline
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Players 0
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All-time Votes 22
Uptime 0%
Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Server owner must manually enable!
Country United States
Types KitsActive Admins3xModdedPvP
Owner RustySights
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RustySights 3X | Monthly | PVP | Raidable Bases | Roaming NPCs | Combat Kits | RP Store | No RP Wipe

💎 3x materials gathering with custom loot tables for better items, 5x Scrap collections
💥 Raidable Bases Premium Tier 3 and NPC Raiders!
🤖 Custom NPCs & bosses roaming the map & monuments for a more immersive experience
🔫 Everyone spawns with clothing, a revolver, bow, ammo/arrows, tools, & food
📦 Combat, Building & Farming Kits available using /kit
💵 Collect RP by gathering & fighting to purchase items using /s
💸 Sell scrap for RP in /s
🎒 Extra inventory space for everyone using /backpack
☂️ Offline raid protection; explosives deal 75% less damage (TC must contain scrap to pay for raid protection)
🔨 Chest Stacks & Water Bases allow for new building options!
👚 Workshop skins available using /skin
🚙 Purchase & spawn vehicles with scrap using /license
💰 Giveaways in-game & on Discord; 50,000 RP giveaway every night!
✅ QuickSort, No Fog/Rain, Airstrikes, Player Ranks, & many more cool mods!
🗓️ Monthly wipe with no BP or RP wipe
🪙 Patrons receive a monthly RP bonus on RP Collection Multipliers!
🛡️ Active non-playing Admins & fast support
⏰ 99.9% uptime - amazing hardware on a dedicated machine!


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