Rank 14
Game Minecraft
Status Online
Players 9/36
Votes 237
All-time Votes 1075
Uptime 100%
Last Check 4 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Version 1.19
Types SurvivalTownyEconomyMCMMOLand Claim
Owner velshi
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Valon is an immersive and engaging SMP Minecraft server that brings together a friendly community of players in a world filled with adventure and excitement. With features like Lands, mcMMO, Jobs, EliteMobs, and AngelChest, you're sure to find endless opportunities to build, explore, and thrive.

In Valon, players can claim and protect their own land, allowing them to create unique homes, farms, or other structures while cooperating with neighbors or forming alliances. mcMMO enhances the gameplay experience by adding a progression system with various skills and abilities to develop and master, turning each player into a unique character with specialized talents.

The server also offers a Jobs system, which enables players to take on different professions and earn in-game currency. From mining and farming to crafting and fishing, there's a job for everyone. EliteMobs adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement, with powerful custom mobs that drop valuable loot and provide a thrilling PvE experience.

The AngelChest plugin ensures that players' hard-earned items are safe, even in the event of an untimely demise, by automatically storing their inventory in a personal chest upon death.

Valon is more than just a Minecraft server; it's a thriving, welcoming community where players come together to share their creativity, collaborate on projects, and embark on unforgettable adventures. Join us on Valon today and become a part of our incredible story.

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