Tilted Tavern
Rank 84
Game Minecraft
Status Online
IP towny.tiltedtavern.net
Website https://tiltedtavern.net
Discord Click to join
Players 0/100
Votes 10
All-time Votes 1567
Uptime 100%
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Version 1.20.1
Types TownySurvivalEconomyRanksMCMMO
Owner TiltedTavern
Report Server Report Server

🏰 Towny System: Build your dream city or join an existing one using our robust Towny plugin. Form alliances and create a thriving community with other players. Go out into the wilderness and scavenge abandoned or fallen towns for loot!

💼 Custom Jobs: Embark on various career paths with our custom jobs system. Whether you're a resourceful miner, a skilled builder, or a chill fisher, there's a job for you!

🏭 Factories: Dive into our factory system and automate resource production like never before. Thrive in the industrial age!

🚚 Deliveries: Deliver goods and facilitate trades within a time limit for a grand payout!

🛒 Shops & Auctions: Set up your own shops to trade goods with fellow players. Participate in thrilling auctions and score rare items to enhance your gameplay.

🗺️ Live Earth Map: Keep track of your epic journey with our dynamic live map. Witness the intricate details of our 500:1 scale Earth in real-time!

🌟 Ranks & Levels: Climb the ranks by earning experience through various activities. Unlock exciting perks and showcase your achievements to the entire server without needing to pay real money for ranks!

🔮 Slimefun: Engage in magical innovation with our Slimefun plugin. Discover new items, machines, and enchantments to enhance your gameplay.

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