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Rank 93
Game Minecraft
Status Online
Discord Click to join
Players 0/20
Votes 8
All-time Votes 36
Uptime 100%
Last Check 5 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Version 1.20.4
Types SurvivalRanks
Owner xAtlas_Shruggedx

I like to keep it simple. A spawn and Survival.
I have a system of ranks and some custom menus to help you earn and rank up.

Players can earn all ranks and keys FREE in game.
I do have a donation Shop, if you wish to help support the server.

- Auction House: buy and sell any item
- LuckPerms
- Player Vaults: extra storage (/pv #, /pv 1)
- Player Ranks (custom plugin ... /ranks)
- Vouchers (custom plugin - Claim, Fly, Disguise, Cash, Items)

- Player Shop (custom plugin - Sell your Armor, Weapons & More.)
....With the Rank of Private, the player gets a custom command .. /pshop or /ishop
....Sell Armor, tools, Ore and a few other Misc items to the Server Shop.
....Enchanted items will be Salvaged and give you Enchanted Books.

- Book Shop (custom plugin - Sell your Enchanted Books to the Admin Shop.)
....With the Rank of Sgt, the player gets a custom command .. /bshop
....Sell enchanted books to the Server for Economy $$.

- Land Claims
- Player Sign Shops are available
- Voting: One Vote Key Per Vote.
- Random TP to get into the wild and get started. (/wild)
- Earn keys from daily quests (each job has at least 1 quest)
- Earn keys while fishing
- Earn keys by Voting
- Resource World (Resets as Needed)

New Players will start off with $1200 in-game economy cash. That's enough to purchase your first rank.
Be sure to use the /ranks command and select "Cadet"

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