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Minecraft 1.20.4 Servers

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1 Banner

Join us on your journey full of adventures and amazing times with our oceania based server. Enjoy regular events, Custom bosses, and a immersive survival economy. Whether you're a good builder, skilled warrior or a god at heart Mythological networks has what you desire. Join us today!

0/0 1.20.4 SurvivalCreativePvPSkyblockVanilla


PromiGames Banner

Ihr sucht einen MCPE-JAVA CityBuild, SkyBlock, und MiniGames Server? Dann kommt auf: Bedrock IP: PORT:19132 Java: IP: Ihr Fragt euch was bietet euch der Server? Kommt vorbei und schaut es euch an ;)

1/100 MinigamesSkyblockEconomyBedWarsLand Claim


CubivalCraft Banner

CubivalCraft is a Minecraft server for both cracked and premium users, located in Singapore. Powered by our very own CubivalHost service, we have very little downtime as well as fast updates.

2/500 SurvivalEconomyLand ClaimCracked

Eradox SMP

Eradox SMP Banner

A beautiful SMP with a beautiful community. Featuring lands, McMMO, giveaways, no p2w, custom items, immersive player-driven lore, player-created shops, and a friendly community!

0/100 1.20.4 SurvivalLand ClaimMCMMOEconomy

JungleTopia Survival

JungleTopia Survival Banner

We are a Minecraft Community consisting of gamemodes Survival. We strive for the utmost success and enjoyable experience for both the player and the viewer. Connecting to our Server: We currently support Minecraft : Java players only at this moment. But we do intend to add Bedrock support soon! Con

0/0 SurvivalPvPFactionVanillaTowny


TownySaga Banner

1/100 SurvivalTownyEconomyMCMMOLand Claim

EdgeGamers Minecraft

EdgeGamers Minecraft Banner

EdgeGamer's Minecraft Server, supporting Survival (SMP) and Events!

0/100 SurvivalVanillaEconomyMCMMOSpigot

Rising Dragon

Rising Dragon Banner

Rising Dragon is a (greylisted) survival server. With some plugins like mcMMO, jobs(reborn), and ChestShops. We welcome anyone who likes to play in an anti-grief and friendly environment.

3/64 1.20.4 SurvivalVanillaMCMMOEconomyRanks

Nekonečný příběh

Nekonečný příběh Banner

Svět magického dobrodružství, vlastní hry, speciální eventy a plno soutěží

0/0 1.20.4 PvPMinigamesEconomyMCMMOSurvival

CraftMC.PL - Polski Serwer Minecraft

CraftMC.PL - Polski Serwer Minecraft Banner

CraftMC.PL - Najlepszy serwer w Polsce! Wsparcie wersji: 1.7.2 - 1.21 Najnowsze wersje serwerów Minecraft tylko u Nas! Wbijaj do nas na serwer! Serwery Minecraft BoxPVP, Anarchia, LifeSteal oraz Creative 1.21

1236/2000 SurvivalCreativeFactionBedWarsSkyblock

Nebulous Gaming Minecraft Server

Nebulous Gaming Minecraft Server Banner

Nebulous Gaming Minecraft Server

2/20 1.20.4 SurvivalPvPCrackedLand ClaimEconomy

EuroPlayZone Survival - New World Opened

EuroPlayZone Survival - New World Opened Banner

Welcome to Epic Realms! 🌍🏰 Dive into a world of endless possibilities.

0/1240 1.20.4 SurvivalPvPTowny

Newwind Survival 1.20.6

Newwind Survival 1.20.6 Banner

Minecraft survival with clans, dungeons, quests, PVP, events, and hundreds of custom items whilst preserving the vanilla style.

63/-1 1.20.4 SurvivalAnarchyEconomyPvPOP PVP

Blockhead Odyssey

Blockhead Odyssey Banner

Welcome to “Blockhead Odyssey,” a captivating Minecraft server that fuels your imagination and brings players of all ages together in a realm of limitless creativity and exploration.

0/80 1.20.4 SurvivalMinigamesMCMMORanksTowny


MaricopaCraft Banner

Semi-Vanilla with custom plugins for the Admin Shop, Loot keys and Book shop.

0/20 1.20.4 SurvivalRanks

Flavortown SMP

Flavortown SMP Banner

Flavortown SMP is one of the best vanilla Minecraft survival servers. It features realistic survival, skills, daily quests, land claim, blood moon, levelled mobs, and more. This server isn't for the faint of heart, but I promise you won't want to leave once you join!

0/100 1.20.4 SurvivalVanillaEconomyAdventureLand Claim

Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟

Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟 Banner

Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Check out our 100+ FREE ranks on our 20+ gamemodes!

190/400 ParkourPvPLand ClaimOP PVPHardcore

Minecraft Reunion 24/7 on EC Legacy

Minecraft Reunion 24/7 on EC Legacy Banner

{SMP] {Java+Bedrock} {Survival} {Hypetale Adventure World} {Custom Plugins} {Free} {Skills} {Community Events} {Optional PvP} {NO Whitelist} {NO Resets} {1.20+} {Java+Bedrock} {Mental Health Supportive} A new community for gamers from all walks of life. Dedicated. Here to stay.

0/48 SurvivalCreativePrisonRPGModded

Assailant Network

Assailant Network Banner

5/100 SurvivalCrackedEconomyOP PVPMCMMO

Celery SMP

Celery SMP Banner

0/0 1.20.4 Survival

Craft Global

Craft Global Banner

Custom Textures | Mob Boss Arena Fights | Engaging Community | Java/Bedrock Compatibility

1/250 SurvivalHardcoreNetworkSpigotEconomy

Emerald Skies

Emerald Skies Banner

Survival+ 1.20.4 Java server Whitelisted, Discord, Crates, Parkour, Duels, Playershops, Playerwarps, Marriage, GriefProtection.

0/0 1.20.4 SurvivalEconomyLand ClaimBukkitRanks


FixCraft Banner

Earth Countries SMP, BedWars, SkyWars, Murdermystery

0/0 1.20.4 FactionSpigotRanks


FlickerMc Banner

0/80 1.20.4 OP PVPSurvivalCrackedTownyEconomy


FunBuild Banner

This server is friendly, has NPC's and quests, and we added an RPG style hardmode survival, to challenge your survival skills, and quest with your friends! We have 2 extra dimensions separate from Nether and End, each with it's difficulty, and poses a challenge to the player's skills!

2/100 1.20.4 SurvivalRPGAdventureSpigotLand Claim
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