Nomad Craft
Rank 1512
Game Minecraft
Status Offline
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All-time Votes 21
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Country Malaysia
Types SurvivalPvPEconomyCracked
Owner itsArtige
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NOMAD CRAFT NETWORK [1.8.x - 1.15.x]

Hello everyone! itsArtige here. This is a project I have been working on a long time, and I've finally been able to make it a reality.
I present you, NomadCraft. What is it? Let me tell you.

NomadCraft is a brand new Network server that strives to stand out and be different from the rest of the millions of servers out there. So what do we have to offer?

Skyblock Hell
- Hell based spawn with a sick ass Dragon flying above it.
- Big warzone that serves both for PvP and PvE.
- 3 types of Bosses that are extremely hard to beat, but not impossible. (They literally 1 hit kill you)
- A ton of custom mobs that gives a ton of different drops.
- War tokens, that can be used to buy almost anything thats unobtainable through normal means (Ranks, custom items, etc)
- Lucky blocks
- XP Fly
- Special hoppers which are adapted to do different things; crop hoppers, break hoppers, grind hoppers and mob drop hoppers
- Inventory pets, which gives you different types of boosts
- Leaderboard
- Island Upgrades & Panel
- 10 different Islands, all customizable, with visible border which is upgradable
- 300+ quests and 430+ tags
- Galaxy Armor & God Kits
- 70+ custom enchantments
- Clue scrolls (4 tiers, 200+ clues)
- Crates (4 tiers, 165+ rewards)
- Envoys (Basically loot drops)
- Bar gambles, bounties, XP Boosters, action health, balanced economy, and much more!

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