SteeltonMC: Hard Semi-Vanilla Survival
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Welcome to SteeltonMC. This server is founded by myself, Classic. This server is an attempt to provide a free, enjoyable, and reliable gaming environment for people of any demographic. The server is set on Hard Difficulty. We have a curated selection of premium Plugins to make everyone's stay here more enjoyable. All our plugins are extensively configured and formatted to create a more stable atmosphere. You are not bombarded with flashing colors, weird whacky ranks with symbols, or otherwise off-putting eye cancer.

Our server does not have a "Central Hub". There is no Skyblock, Prison, or other game-altering separate variations. Everyone on our server is enjoying themselves, interacting with the community, or keeping to themselves in peaceful solace while exploring the lands.

Our server comes equipped with a single /Spawn which will be the heart of our server. We encourage all our users to help shape the future of SteeltonMC for yourself, and many others to enjoy. Included at this Spawn will be a handful of NPCs. You may interact with these non-player characters, they may have something interesting to say, or service to provide.

Our team would be happy to have you join us, and we hope you do.
-Steelton Staff

Hard Semi-Vanilla
Minecraft Survival Server
1.20 SMP
Steelton Minecraft

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