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Game Rust
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Website https://www.socalrust.io/
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Country United States
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Server is a low pop server with very chill players who keep to themselves or are friendly. The server is PVP so killing on sight is allowed, besides all vanilla safe zones, all gas stations act has safe zones too. Upgrade your player skills to give you the upper hand against other players when out in the wild. Server is great for new or casual players looking for a more calm experience or those who cant invest a lot of hours into the game.

Website: socalrust.io



Map Size: 3200

Wipe Schedule: Monthly Wipe: Blueprints, Money, Skills, Map

- Solo, Duo, Trio
- 5x Gathering rate on everything!
- Player Skills to increase your gathering rate, furnace speeds, and more!
- PVP and PVE game modes with NPC Bases for raids.
- In Game Shop with DLC Items
- Free Monthly Mini Heli, Kits, Homes, Warps and More!
- Over 25 of the most popular and premium plugins to enjoy.
- Friend Referrals, Earn rewards for inviting friends!
- Vote Rewards! Earn Free Account Upgrades.
- Join Discord and get free items.
- Custom Tree Planter GUI

Player Kits:

- Resources
- Builder
- Hunter
- First Aid
- Edison
- 50-50
- Discord Kit*


1. No Offline Raiding
2. Safe Zones
3. No Monument & Player Base Camping or Monument Blocking
4. No Racism - No Political & Religion Topics
5. Max Team Size of 3
6. Respect Everyone