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Map: Procedural Map

PVP | PVE | RP | No VIP - special Friendly Village zone for chilling - the rest of the map is The Void. Tons of plugins, QOL, and respectful players! Bioweapons Trade, Cargo Train, Junkyard Scrappers, and Supply Convoy PvE events running. No Pay 2 Win

1/30 FriendlyActive AdminsSkinsEventsPlugins

Map: Procedural Map
0/50 KitsPvPClansZombiesEvents

Rusty TeaBag PVE - Raidable bases/NPCRaids/Zombies We're a friendly PVE server, with active player admins, perfect if you're new to Rust, or just looking for something where you aren't under constant threat! We're still new, and are adding new features/plugins/events as we go!

0/0 PVEEventsZombiesActive AdminsFriendly

Lots of custom event and Quality of Life mods. Take your time and enjoy the game. Scientists spawn at monuments and drop weapons. Custom maps with many unique places to explore.

0/0 FriendlyPVEEventsKitsModded

Custom maps (rotated out monthly) and monuments including Lost Factory, Cobalt Headquarters, Giant Mech Spider, roadside labs and underground bunkers, Fort Knox and a crashed alien ship. Eden Falls, Stellarium, Oasis and Last Train to name a few, plus our own personal collection.

0/0 ModdedPVEEventsSkinsActive Admin

Map: Procedural Map
0/60 PvPKits10x GatherEventsVote Rewards

MXS PVE is a high performance, stable and modded Rust server and Community that offers our players a unique experience with our custom plugins that will give you the best rust experience you’ve ever had.

0/0 Better Loot2xEventsSkinsPVE

✔ 2x ✔ PVP ✔ Monthly ✔ Offline Raid Protection ✔ Low Decay ✔ High Stacks ✔ Backpacks ✔ 10+ Events ✔ 85 Raidable Bases ✔ Quality of Life Mods ✔ 1000+ Skins ✔ Ranks based on Playtime ✔ Statistics

0/0 PvPFriendly2xModdedEvents

Map: Procedural Map

Monthly 5x, OFFLINE PROTECTION, Raidable Bases and Bosses. Custom map patrolled by non-playing admins. Ticket system for support and a very chill community. Around for 2 years now, we are in fact the original modded server.

5/125 KitsAdminPvPPVEEvents

0/0 PVEEconomyEventsVote Rewards

Map: Custom Map
1/200 KitsLevelsModdedEconomyEvents

Map: Procedural Map

¤ Max Team - 4 ¤ /help, Bgrade, Kit, PlaneCrash, TPR/Home, InstaCraft, Trade ¤ 5x Resources + Loot \n ¤ Always Day ¤ Lock-On Rockets, Plane Crash ¤ 2 week wipe every thursday 7pm ¤ Active Admins, Free 2 Hour VIP type /buy"

0/75 KitsActive AdminInsta CraftEventsVip

Map: Custom Map

* PVE Server with Events like BossMonster, Convoy, PlaneCrash, RaidableBases, NPC Raiders, TrainHeist & more.

6/200 PVE10x GatherEventsVote RewardsBetter Loot

Our servers offers several custom events to keep players entertained and to offer variety in gameplay. Examples of these custom events are: Armored Trains, Water Patrols and Armored Convoys. Be the last man standing and all the fortunes will be yours!

0/0 Active Admins2xAnti CheatPluginsEvents

Map: Procedural Map

*Raid ONLY Monday-Friday 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM MEZ *Saturday-Sunday 08:00 AM and 11:00 PM MEZ

1/100 WipePluginsEvents


0/0 KitsArenaLevelsEventsZombies

Map: Custom Map

NO WIPE! 5X Gather Tweaked for Balance. BotSpawn and Raidable Bases. NPC's and Roaming NPC Store. Full Raidable Bases including easy, normal, hard, nightmare, and expert. Skins purchasable for small amounts of scrap. Auto Doors, Shop, and Tweaked Loot tables. Random events and much more.

2/200 GatherLootFriendlyEventsSkins

Map: Procedural Map
0 Better LootClansPvPEvents10x Gather

Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Friendly Rust New Server with Active non-playing Admin! Newb Friendly, Casual Friendly, Very chill atmosphere.

0 Friendly2xActive AdminsEventsGather

Map: Custom Map

ITF Zombified is a balanced, player friendly server that offers a casual environment. It's designed for those players looking for a more relaxed experience with the additional PvE excitement, some PvP gameplay, and quality of life additions! PvP is only allowed in PvP zones and the Arena.

0 EventsSkinsPVEZombiesModded

Map: World

Welcome/Willkommen ☆ MOONSKY RUST#01 [EU] [PVP] ➦ IP: ➦ Steam Connect: ➦ Steam Group: ➦ Discord:

0 PvPEconomyVote RewardsEventsBetter Loot

Map: Procedural Map

x5 Gather | x3 Loot | Loot+ | Solo Only | Kits | Shop | More

0 2xVanillaFriendlyEvents

Map: Procedural Map

RAIDiation [x1 | Monthly | 3500] [PVP] [XP | KIT | SHOP |

0 1xModdedPvPEventsEconomy

Map: ripup7
0 PvPClansSkinsEventsEconomy