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Rust Procedural Map Servers

Total 693 Servers

Rank Server Players Tags

RustPlay PVE

RustPlay PVE Banner

Map: Procedural Map
5/300 ModdedZombiesPVELevelsBetter Loot

RustPlay PVE/PVP-Zones

RustPlay PVE/PVP-Zones Banner

Map: Procedural Map
14/420 ModdedSkinsPVEZombiesLevels



Map: Procedural Map

ESP HISPALAND [PVE] | [No VIP] Explora todo el juego, farmea y juega tranquilo, practica con los Bots en algunos monumentos, con los eventos PvP automáticos y BasesRaideables con loot custom (skins incluidas). Escucha tu emisora favorita mientras juegas. Cuidado con la noche pues alberga horrores.

5/50 PVEKitsModdedCustomVote Rewards

Rusted Reality - Noob Friendly PvE

Rusted Reality - Noob Friendly PvE Banner

Map: Procedural Map

Rusted Reality - Noob Friendly PvE - Skill Tree - Raidable Bases - No Racism - Inclusive Community - No Toxic BS - Friendly Admins - Drops - Discord - Come and join our awesome community.

0/80 PVEFriendlyVipVote RewardsKits

[EU] RustEntity 5X [Max5]MyMini}Loot+]

[EU] RustEntity 5X [Max5]MyMini}Loot+] Banner

Map: Procedural Map

💥NEW SERVER💥 💥Welcome to Rust Entity!💥

3/100 PvPModdedPluginsEconomyInsta Craft

The Clinic PVE |No Killing|PVE|Raiding -

The Clinic PVE |No Killing|PVE|Raiding - Banner

Map: Procedural Map

PVP/PVE Based Map for the vanilla feel - 2x Gather and Loot Rates - Higher stack sizes - Longer days & shorter nights - No VPN & proxies -Raidable PVE/PVP NPC Bases -Rotating PVP Monuments -Weekly Events -$$$ Giveaways -Kits/VIP -End of Wipe Purge Active Staff, Monitored by Owner

3/300 KitsActive AdminClansPVEVote Rewards

RustMode | Vanilla+ PVE | Noob Friendly

RustMode | Vanilla+ PVE | Noob Friendly Banner

Map: Procedural Map
1/150 VanillaPVEFriendlyActive AdminEvents

RustPlay - Build And Raiding Test Server

RustPlay - Build And Raiding Test Server Banner

Map: Procedural Map
5/200 PVEModdedKitsCustomInsta Craft

Altopia PVE/PVP Biplanes Backpacks Kits

Altopia PVE/PVP Biplanes Backpacks Kits Banner

Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Altopia! We are a mostly PVE server with a partial PVP zone. Our admin staff have years experience in rust within PVE and PVP communities and work hard to provide a welcoming and friendly experience, free of toxicity.

0/60 KitsFriendlyModdedSkinsPVE

EndlessRust PVE/PVP-Zones TP|Skills|Kit

EndlessRust PVE/PVP-Zones TP|Skills|Kit Banner

Map: Procedural Map

About Us Greetings, Rust survivors! Step into the immersive world of EndlessRust, where the environment is your greatest adversary. Our PVE/PVP server offers a unique Rust experience, focused on collaboration, exploration, and epic adventures.

0/250 FriendlyLevelsModdedEconomyPVE


[GER-PVE]-Rust4Us-|Zombies,Events,Skins Banner

Map: Procedural Map

Die Zeit ist reif für eine neue Ära von Rust-Spielern. Sei dabei und spiel mit uns! Wir sind ein anfängerfreundlicher PvE-Server für RUST. Bei uns findest du neben Zombies, Satelliten, Zügen, Skins und Raid Bases auch noch andere nette Dinge. Genauere Infos erfährst du auf dieser Webseite.

0/50 VipSkinsVote RewardsPVEZombies

EU The Wilderness 2x| Solo Only | Sunday

EU The Wilderness 2x| Solo Only | Sunday Banner

Map: Procedural Map

Forge your path alone with a dynamic Rust Points (RP) economy, custom events, quality of life mods, and a friendly community. Survive the untamed wilderness - conquer the wild, or be conquered. Join now for a thrilling solo adventure!

3/10 SoloPvPActive Admins2xEconomy

Rustology Survival PVE | NPCs | Events

Rustology Survival PVE | NPCs | Events Banner

Map: Procedural Map
1/300 PVEModdedActive AdminsZombiesEvents



Map: Procedural Map

Serveur convivial avec : PVE/zones PVP/Kit/ Shop/Nodecay/TP/Home/Events Auto et beaucoup d'autres pour améliorer votre jeu. Bienvenue!

2/50 KitsPvPPVEEventsPlugins

[IPAG] FarmLand 10x PVE Monthly

[IPAG] FarmLand 10x PVE Monthly Banner

Map: Procedural Map

FarmLand 10x PVE is a Monthly server for farmers to Play/Practice on.

0/50 Better LootPVE10x GatherVote Rewards

[EU] Gibberish 10X PvE

[EU] Gibberish 10X PvE Banner

Map: Procedural Map

Join Gibberish 10x PVE!! Your favorite rust server!! (Even if you dont know it yet!)

0/50 PVEKitsActive AdminsVote Rewards

[EU] Rusty PvE 2x - No Killing | No Raid

[EU] Rusty PvE 2x - No Killing | No Raid Banner

Map: Procedural Map

Rusty PvE rocks a finely-tuned modded server, where you can dive into the game without worrying about player conflicts. No Decay, Upkeep, or Player/Building damage here.

0/100 KitsFriendly2xEventsVote Rewards

LonelyLands 2x Bi-Weekly|Quad|50% Upkeep

LonelyLands 2x Bi-Weekly|Quad|50% Upkeep Banner

Map: Procedural Map

• 2x Smelt Speed • 1/2x Craft Time • 1/2x Upkeep Cost • Junk removed from Loot Tables • Long Days / Short Nights • Auto-Auth Team • No Pay To Win Kits • Extremely Active Non-playing Admins • Careful mix of modded/vanilla

2/25 Active AdminsBetter Loot2xModdedAnti Cheat

Zone Exceed Gaming

Zone Exceed Gaming Banner

Map: Procedural Map
0/150 KitsEventsSkinsModdedCustom

Paradigm Island

Paradigm Island Banner

Map: Procedural Map

✫ BP Sharing Between Teams ✫ Team Max of 5 ✫ SkinBox ✫ Build Skins Unlocked ✫ Longer Days & Shorter Nights ✫ Kits ✫ Rust+ Compatible ✫ Offline Raid Protection ✫ 2x Gather Rate ✫ x2 Loot Multiplier

0/64 2xGatherSkinsVote RewardsKits

[US] Gamerz Inn | PvE | Purge | Raidable

[US] Gamerz Inn | PvE | Purge | Raidable Banner

Map: Procedural Map

[US] Gamerz Inn | PvE | Purge | Raidable Bases |

0/500 VipModdedEconomySkinsPVE



Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Absolute Rust PVE! Join our immersive Rust server with community focus, exciting plugins, skilltree perks, and thrilling events. End each wipe with a 48-hour PVP purge. ABSOLUTERUST|PVE|SKILLS|ZOMBIE|PURGE|

1/100 PVEEconomyEventsSkinsZombies

RustyNutz 【200x】

RustyNutz 【200x】 Banner

Map: Procedural Map
1/100 PvPKitsClansEventsInsta Craft

[EU] |The Flying Dutch | Monthly BP Wipe

[EU] |The Flying Dutch | Monthly BP Wipe Banner

Map: Procedural Map

[EU] |The Flying Dutch | Monthly BP Wipe

0/100 WipeVanillaPvPActive AdminFriendly

AlcatRust | AlphaLoot | x5 | And More

AlcatRust | AlphaLoot | x5 | And More Banner

Map: Procedural Map
0/50 Better LootEventsClans10x GatherPvP
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