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Luffy Rust is a community of friendly people who like to discover and build, NO pvp, raiding or killing of other players.

0/0 VanillaKitsActive AdminFriendly10x Gather

Map: HapisLE

X2 - Kit's - Instacraft - Sil - Raid Block - Stacks 10k para minerales - Skin's - Divisor de hornos

3/150 1xModdedSkinsInsta CraftActive Admins

0/0 KitsPVEEventsModdedActive Admins

Map: Procedural Map

PVP | PVE | RP | No VIP - special Friendly Village zone for chilling - the rest of the map is The Void. Tons of plugins, QOL, and respectful players! Bioweapons Trade, Cargo Train, Junkyard Scrappers, and Supply Convoy PvE events running. No Pay 2 Win

1/30 FriendlyActive AdminsSkinsEventsPlugins

Rusty TeaBag PVE - Raidable bases/NPCRaids/Zombies We're a friendly PVE server, with active player admins, perfect if you're new to Rust, or just looking for something where you aren't under constant threat! We're still new, and are adding new features/plugins/events as we go!

0/0 PVEEventsZombiesActive AdminsFriendly

Map: Procedural Map

US | Innsmouth Charnel | No BPs | PVP | Raidable Bases | zLevels | Custom Loot

0 PvPModdedVote RewardsEconomyActive Admins

Map: Custom Map

ButtHurt is a server where You may get your feeling hurt. PVE, Lot of Plugins and Plenty of Roaming area. Come Join us.. and just remember Don't get ButtHurt

1/50 WipeKitsActive AdminVipPVE

Custom maps (rotated out monthly) and monuments including Lost Factory, Cobalt Headquarters, Giant Mech Spider, roadside labs and underground bunkers, Fort Knox and a crashed alien ship. Eden Falls, Stellarium, Oasis and Last Train to name a few, plus our own personal collection.

0/0 ModdedPVEEventsSkinsActive Admin

Map: Procedural Map

Wipes every Wednesday @ 16:00 and Saturday @ 12:00(GMT+1) Server has No BP's

0/100 KitsLootFriendlyActive AdminsVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

Envy Rust EU 2x Vanilla Quads Top three on leaderboard at end of wipe win skins! We currently have a giveaway for a tempered ak and press vest! Lightly modded vanilla plugins include: better loot, trade, furnace splitter, skin box, half craft, quick recycle IP: Team Size: 4 M

1/100 Gather2xBetter LootActive AdminsPlugins

Kits, custom server with 1000x loot. Every 2 weeks we wipe , bgrade , / home , custom shop , active admin and way more come check us out

0/0 Active AdminsLootKitsModdedFriendly

0/0 SoloVanillaActive AdminDuoTrio

0/0 Active AdminsBetter LootClansAnti CheatInsta Craft

Map and BP Wipe every fourteen days at 16:00 CEST- Team Max: 5 players

0/0 VanillaPvPActive Admin2xSkins

Map: Procedural Map

¤ Max Team - 4 ¤ /help, Bgrade, Kit, PlaneCrash, TPR/Home, InstaCraft, Trade ¤ 5x Resources + Loot \n ¤ Always Day ¤ Lock-On Rockets, Plane Crash ¤ 2 week wipe every thursday 7pm ¤ Active Admins, Free 2 Hour VIP type /buy"

0/75 KitsActive AdminInsta CraftEventsVip

Our servers offers several custom events to keep players entertained and to offer variety in gameplay. Examples of these custom events are: Armored Trains, Water Patrols and Armored Convoys. Be the last man standing and all the fortunes will be yours!

0/0 Active Admins2xAnti CheatPluginsEvents

Map: Procedural Map
0/150 PvPKitsActive AdminsBetter LootVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map
35/100 KitsActive Admins3xModdedPvP

0/0 PvPLevelsEconomyActive AdminPlugins

New perfectly balanced EU server for a comfortable duo and solo gameplay. - All rates X2 - Long days and short nights - Quick smelt - Group limit max 2 - Stack size X2 - Recycler speed X1,5 - Loot spawn X2 - Crafting speed X2

0/0 SoloDuoLootActive Admins2x

RustNite | 5X/Loot+/BP+/Kits/Shop/MyMini/ Hosted on the lowest ping servers in europe with extremely active staff & a friendly playerbase. Perfect place for those to take their rust experience to the new level!

0/0 KitsActive AdminGatherFriendlyBetter Loot

Map: Procedural Map

WickedNinjaGames \ Slightly Boosted x2 \ Kits\ New Server \ Discord \ Moderated

1/100 KitsTrioActive Admin2xClans

Map: Procedural Map

Casual modded server for everyone! Over 25 plugins perfectly balanced to enhanced gameplay! Gathering rate starts at x5 and can be increased to reduce grind even further. Use Skills to increase multiple player abilities. Check out our custom menu GUI with a

0/50 ModdedLevelsCustomKitsActive Admin

Map: Procedural Map
0 TrioActive AdminBetter LootClansModded

Map: Procedural Map
0 Active AdminTrioBetter LootClansModded