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Map: Procedural Map
0 ModdedSkinsPVEZombiesLevels

Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Altopia! We are a mostly PVE server with a partial PVP zone. Our admin staff have years experience in rust within PVE and PVP communities and work hard to provide a welcoming and friendly experience, free of toxicity.

4/125 KitsFriendlyModdedSkinsPVE

Map: Kong:SkullIsland PVE|GridPower|

2x Gather & Loot, RP for gathering, looting, killing, PVE server, with Raidable Bases, PVP zone, and friendly active admins! Lots of VIP perks, but not a "pay-to-win" sort of thing. Come join us!!

0/80 2xPVEVote RewardsSkinsCustom

Map: Custom Map

The best million x in rust

4/100 PvPKitsClansSkins

Map: HapisLE

X2 - Kit's - Instacraft - Sil - Raid Block - Stacks 10k para minerales - Skin's - Divisor de hornos

3/150 1xModdedSkinsInsta CraftActive Admins

Map: Procedural Map

PVP | PVE | RP | No VIP - special Friendly Village zone for chill players - the rest of the map is The Void. Tons of plugins, QOL, and respectful players! Bioweapons Trade, Cargo Train, Junkyard Scrappers, and Supply Convoy PvE events running. No Pay 2 Win

1/30 FriendlyActive AdminsSkinsEventsPlugins

Map: Potato_Island_V5

PotatoSquad PvE/RP server. Season 7 Electrical Revolution

0 Active AdminClansVote RewardsEconomySkins

Map: Custom Map

NO WIPE! 5X Gather Tweaked for Balance. BotSpawn and Raidable Bases. NPC's and Roaming NPC Store. Full Raidable Bases including easy, normal, hard, nightmare, and expert. Skins purchasable for small amounts of scrap. Auto Doors, Shop, and Tweaked Loot tables. Random events and much more.

2/200 GatherLootFriendlyEventsSkins

Map: Northnet™ High FPS+ map

Monthly 5x, OFFLINE PROTECTION, Raidable Bases and Bosses. Custom map patrolled by non-playing admins. Ticket system for support and a very chill community. Around for 2 years now, we are in fact the original modded server.

0 KitsAdminPvPPVESkins

Map: Custom Map

ITF Zombified is a balanced, player friendly server that offers a casual environment. It's designed for those players looking for a more relaxed experience with the additional PvE excitement, some PvP gameplay, and quality of life additions! PvP is only allowed in PvP zones and the Arena.

0 EventsSkinsPVEZombiesModded

Monthly reset, Raidable NPC bases, Starter protection timer (optional), Economy, server rewards, more!

0/0 KitsSoloLevelsModdedSkins

Map: REV1.8
0 KitsClansVote RewardsSkinsPVE

Map and BP Wipe every fourteen days at 16:00 CEST- Team Max: 5 players

0/0 VanillaPvPActive Admin2xSkins

Map: Procedural Map

[7/15] Rustko | 2x Vanilla Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad Biweekly

5/75 KitsWipe2xVote RewardsSkins

Map: Procedural Map

5x.RainShark.NET is a 5x Rust Server with light plugins made toreduce the grind while still providing the best rust experience. The map is small increasing your chances of a player encounter. Early supporters will be given extra perks once the server grows.

0 PvPWipeModdedVote RewardsSkins

Map: Procedural Map
0 KitsClansModdedEconomySkins

Map: Procedural Map
0 KitsPvPVote RewardsSkinsModded

Map: Procedural Map

Communauté soudé Carte unique et personnalisé Équipe réactif Du plaisir garanti Vient te joindre à nous ^^

0 CustomPVEPvPClansSkins

Map: proceduralmap2542
0 KitsBetter LootCustomModdedSkins

Map: Procedural Map
0 Active Admin3xSkinsPluginsFriendly

Map: ripup7
0 PvPClansSkinsEventsEconomy

Map: teshiov4
0 PvPKitsEconomyVote RewardsSkins

Map: Procedural Map
0 PVEVote RewardsEventsSkinsAirdrops

Map: Rusty_Designers_v6.150.EU is a competitive, yet fun, PvP server with lots of perks for free players, VIPs and Discord Boosters! connect

0 PvPKitsActive AdminsSkinsModded

Map: Rusty_Designers_v6.143.US is a competitive, yet fun, PvP server with lots of perks for free players, VIPs and Discord Boosters! connect

0 PvPKitsActive AdminsSkinsModded