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|US|Red Metal Raiders|PVP|Monthly|2xLoot|zLevels|Convoys|ArmoredTrains|RaidableBases|NoDecay|

0/0 PvPWipe2xModdedSkins

x2 | No KoS | Events | Limited PvP Zones | Community Ran

0/0 2xCustomPVEPvPModded

2xSolo-Duo-Trio server wipes Friday weekly Safe town on north shore for new players and role-players Better loot Quick smelt Faster Recycler Short Nights Auto Door Auto turret Auth Clans Small kits 2TP per day, lamps don't use fuel Guarded locked crate random event

0/0 PvPFriendly2xClansBetter Loot

Map: Procedural Map

Envy Rust EU 2x Vanilla Quads Top three on leaderboard at end of wipe win skins! We currently have a giveaway for a tempered ak and press vest! Lightly modded vanilla plugins include: better loot, trade, furnace splitter, skin box, half craft, quick recycle IP: Team Size: 4 M

1/100 Gather2xBetter LootActive AdminsPlugins

MXS PVE is a high performance, stable and modded Rust server and Community that offers our players a unique experience with our custom plugins that will give you the best rust experience you’ve ever had.

0/0 Better Loot2xEventsSkinsPVE

✔ 2x ✔ PVP ✔ Monthly ✔ Offline Raid Protection ✔ Low Decay ✔ High Stacks ✔ Backpacks ✔ 10+ Events ✔ 85 Raidable Bases ✔ Quality of Life Mods ✔ 1000+ Skins ✔ Ranks based on Playtime ✔ Statistics

0/0 PvPFriendly2xModdedEvents

Map and BP Wipe every fourteen days at 16:00 CEST- Team Max: 5 players

0/0 VanillaPvPActive Admin2xSkins

Our servers offers several custom events to keep players entertained and to offer variety in gameplay. Examples of these custom events are: Armored Trains, Water Patrols and Armored Convoys. Be the last man standing and all the fortunes will be yours!

0/0 Active Admins2xAnti CheatPluginsEvents

Map: Procedural Map

[7/15] Rustko | 2x Vanilla Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad Biweekly

5/75 KitsWipe2xVote RewardsSkins

Super Fun Time is a gaming community established in 2010. Our main focus is Minecraft, but we also have a Rust server. We invite you to our 2x Rust Server! You will find NPC Raidable Bases, Kits, Perks, Indicators for heli/boat and other fun plugins! Come on!

0/0 PvP2xPluginsKitsVote Rewards

Map: Kong:SkullIsland PVE|GridPower|

2x Gather & Loot, RP for gathering, looting, killing, PVE server, with Raidable Bases, PVP zone, and friendly active admins! Lots of VIP perks, but not a "pay-to-win" sort of thing. Come join us!!

0/80 2xPVEVote RewardsSkinsCustom

New perfectly balanced EU server for a comfortable duo and solo gameplay. - All rates X2 - Long days and short nights - Quick smelt - Group limit max 2 - Stack size X2 - Recycler speed X1,5 - Loot spawn X2 - Crafting speed X2

0/0 SoloDuoLootActive Admins2x

Map: Procedural Map

WickedNinjaGames \ Slightly Boosted x2 \ Kits\ New Server \ Discord \ Moderated

1/100 KitsTrioActive Admin2xClans

Map: Procedural Map
0 WipeGatherTrioBetter Loot2x

Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Friendly Rust New Server with Active non-playing Admin! Newb Friendly, Casual Friendly, Very chill atmosphere.

0 Friendly2xActive AdminsEventsGather

Map: Genesis1110
0 LootTrioGather2xActive Admins

Map: Procedural Map

You want: Friendly atmosphere? Better loot? More resources? In-game store? Rewarding system? Skins? Vote Rewards? NPC bases just waiting to be raided? Then you are right here!

0 Vote RewardsEconomyModded2xFriendly

Map: Procedural Map
0 Modded2xActive Admin

Map: Procedural Map
0 2xZombiesAirdropsModdedKits

Map: Procedural Map
0 PvPKits2xBetter LootModded

Map: Procedural Map
0 PvPActive Admins2xVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

x5 Gather | x3 Loot | Loot+ | Solo Only | Kits | Shop | More

0 2xVanillaFriendlyEvents

Map: Procedural Map
0 PvPKitsActive Admins2xVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

This Server Is A Really Fun Server You Should Try It ;)

0 KitsLootPvPActive Admin2x

Map: Procedural Map

Carnage.GG | NA 2x SDT Server (Currently) We aim to provide the [b]best balanced Rust experience that can offer from hardware on the server to support in discord, [b] with future plans for improvements aswell as potential other servers however, If you have any questions be sure to view our socials

0 KitsTrioBetter Loot2xGather