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Map: Procedural Map
3/44 PvPModdedZombiesAnti CheatKits

Map: Procedural Map
0/164 ModdedSkinsPVEZombiesLevels

Map: Procedural Map
15/44 ModdedZombiesPVELevelsBetter Loot

Map: Procedural Map
4/44 ModdedPVELevelsZombiesBetter Loot

Map: Custom Map

PVE Server With PVP Zones/Bubbles 48 Hour Raid Protection After Logging Off Zombies At Monuments And Roaming Zombie Hordes 2x Loot PLUS zLevels For Increased Gathering 50% Decay

0/200 KitsModdedPVEPvPZombies

Die Zeit ist reif für eine neue Ära von Rust-Spielern. Sei dabei und spiel mit uns! Wir sind ein anfängerfreundlicher PvE-Server für RUST. Bei uns findest du neben Zombies, Satelliten, Zügen, Skins und Raid Bases auch noch andere nette Dinge. Genauere Infos erfährst du auf dieser Webseite.

0 VipSkinsVote RewardsPVEZombies

Map: Custom Map

We are a European PVE server with focus on having fun with the game. With an active friendly admin team who are happy to answer any.

1/212 PVEZombiesEconomyInsta CraftModded

Map: RustX Artemis Map

Introducing our brand new Armored Train event! Some of the hardest PvE content around, this even will test your skills as a Rust player! We have made over 30 MAJOR changes for this forced wipe! For a full list, see our #announcements channel in our Discord. You can also find new information, wipe s

3/120 KitsLevelsZombiesPVEEconomy

Map: Procedural Map
0 Kits10x GatherZombiesFriendlyVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

Hillside Exiles | 2x | Shared BPs | QOL Mods | Backpacks | Clans | Raidable Bases | Teleportation | And More!

0 Active Admin2xBetter LootClansZombies

Map: Custom Map

Looking to try surviving in the brutal RUST world without PVP and toxic tweens who like to farm nakeds on the beach? Rusty Monkey has you covered. Here, it’s impossible to kill other players or raid player bases. Be warned – there are still plenty of NPCs and wild animals to take you down.

0 PVEZombiesFriendlyCustomModded

Map: Procedural Map

Work in Progress | 5x | Zombie Hordes | PVP | Anti Offline Raids | No BP

0/75 PvPZombiesVote RewardsKitsGather

Map: Procedural Map

Battlefield | 1000x | Anti Offline Raid | Small map | Zombie Hordes | PVP

0/75 ArenaModdedInsta CraftVote RewardsZombies

0/0 ZombiesEventsSkinsPVEPvP

Map: Procedural Map
0/50 KitsPvPClansZombiesEvents

Map: Custom Map

Rust Rock enter and enjoy a new pve experience with pvp events.-PVE server, always updated. -Vanilla. - NO WIPE for VIP players. - Active Administrators. - Automatic and manual events created by the Administrator.

1/50 CustomModdedZombiesGatherPVE

Map: Custom Map
8/100 ZombiesLevelsPVEPvPVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map
0 PVEFriendlyModdedZombies

Map: Procedural Map

Fun Pve server with Bots boss bots raisbase

0 KitsLootActive AdminZombiesPVE

0 KitsFriendlyModdedZombiesPVE

Map: Custom Map

ITF Zombified is a balanced, player friendly server that offers a casual environment. It's designed for those players looking for a more relaxed experience with the additional PvE excitement, some PvP gameplay, and quality of life additions! PvP is only allowed in PvP zones and the Arena.

0 EventsSkinsPVEZombiesModded

Map: Procedural Map
0 2xZombiesAirdropsModdedKits

Map: Procedural Map

PrimeCraze ZombieTown|PvE-PvP Zombies|Raidable Bases|RP & Shop|Purge|WaterBases

0 KitsFriendlyModdedZombiesPVE

Map: Procedural Map
0 PVEFriendlyActive AdminsZombiesPlugins

Map: Procedural Map
0 PvPSoloDuoZombiesPlugins