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[EU/US] Hellfire|PVE|2X|Raid Bases|Zombi
Rank 137
Game Rust
Status Online
Discord Click to join
Players 2/80
Votes 1
All-time Votes 175
Uptime 100%
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country Germany
Types LootKitsEconomyZombiesModded
Owner m3dus4

•Daily KITS:
Free SupplySignal, Starter- Builder- and Raidkits!

•EACH Monument with NPC
•Crate Drops
•very Quick Supply Signals
•Level System on Farming up to lvl 25
•Our RP Server used Skilltree to lvl Uop your Character and get instant Buffs. :)

For the Important Plugins we have under /info -> a lot of Commands for you that makes your Live so much easier. :)

•Backpacks •BetterLoot •BGrade •Clans(/clan with GUI)
•ColouredChat •DangerousTreasures •Recycler•Instacraft
•Remover Tool •AdobeSkins •FurnanceSplitter •Shop •LootProtection
•Minicopter •PlayerChallenges(Get your Own Server Rank! /pc)•SignArtist
•RecyclerSpeed(Speed x10) •QuickSmelt(x100)
•RaidableBases •RemoverTool •Skinbox •StackSizeController
•TownTeleport •VehicleDecayProtection •ZLevel •ZombieHorde
and MUCH more!

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