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Map: Procedural Map
27/420 ModdedSkinsPVEZombiesLevels

Map: Procedural Map
4/300 ModdedZombiesPVELevelsBetter Loot

Map: Procedural Map
3/300 ModdedPVELevelsZombiesBetter Loot


PVE Server With PVP Zones/Bubbles 48 Hour Raid Protection After Logging Off Zombies At Monuments And Roaming Zombie Hordes 1x Loot PLUS zLevels For Increased Gathering 50% Decay

38/150 KitsModdedPVEPvPZombies

Map: Procedural Map

Luffy Rust is a community of friendly people who like to discover, build, make new friends and enjoy a hostile free environment. If you like PVP, we offer PvE events.

34/70 KitsActive AdminFriendly10x GatherPVE

ESP HISPALAND [PVE] | [No VIP] Explora todo el juego, farmea y juega tranquilo, practica con los Bots en algunos monumentos, con los eventos PvP automáticos y BasesRaideables con loot custom (skins incluidas). Escucha tu emisora favorita mientras juegas. Cuidado con la noche pues alberga horrores.

0 PVEKitsModdedCustomVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

Rusted Reality - Noob Friendly PvE - Skill Tree - Raidable Bases - No Racism - Inclusive Community - No Toxic BS - Friendly Admins - Drops - Discord - Come and join our awesome community.

3/80 PVEFriendlyVipVote RewardsKits

Map: Custom Map
59/70 PluginsPVESkinsEventsVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map
14/150 VanillaPVEFriendlyActive AdminEvents

Map: Procedural Map
2/200 PVEModdedKitsCustomInsta Craft

Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Altopia! We are a mostly PVE server with a partial PVP zone. Our admin staff have years experience in rust within PVE and PVP communities and work hard to provide a welcoming and friendly experience, free of toxicity.

2/60 KitsFriendlyModdedSkinsPVE

Map: Procedural Map

•A lot of Giveaways Win Supply Signals •Raid PVE and PVP Raidbases! •over 150+ RAIDABLE BASES(PVE+PVP) •Own Bradley and Heli SupplySignals 4 Level System Loot++ •PURGE TIME: Weekly or biweekly 24h before wipe! •NPC Bosses

55/100 Better LootModdedZombiesInsta CraftPVE

Map: Procedural Map
3/100 KitsPVEEconomyVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

Die Zeit ist reif für eine neue Ära von Rust-Spielern. Sei dabei und spiel mit uns! Wir sind ein anfängerfreundlicher PvE-Server für RUST. Bei uns findest du neben Zombies, Satelliten, Zügen, Skins und Raid Bases auch noch andere nette Dinge. Genauere Infos erfährst du auf dieser Webseite.

6/50 VipSkinsVote RewardsPVEZombies

Map: SweRust Custom Map

A new way to experience Rust in PvE!

8/50 Active AdminVote RewardsEventsPVEPlugins

Serveur convivial avec : PVE/zones PVP/Kit/ Shop/Nodecay/TP/Home/Events Auto et beaucoup d'autres pour améliorer votre jeu. Bienvenue!

0 KitsPvPPVEEventsPlugins

Raidable Bases! Harbor Event! NPC Raiders! SkillTree! Leaderboards! Static Lootables! Extra NPCs at some monuments!

0 PVEEventsActive AdminsFriendly

Map: Oregon: Land Of The Dead
3/50 KitsBetter LootPVEEconomySkins

Map: Procedural Map

GER/ENG Server, PvE, PvP Zonen, Events, Vanilla-Modded-Style

0/65 KitsZombiesPVEVote RewardsEvents

Map: Procedural Map

FarmLand 10x PVE is a Monthly server for farmers to Play/Practice on.

2/10 Better LootPVE10x GatherVote Rewards

Map: Custom Map

[ENG/HUN] Hellville PVE - Monthly | Custom Loot | Friendly staff | € gamemoney | Unique | Good Community |

5/100 FriendlySkinsEventsPVEModded

Lazy PVE bring aspects from PVE/MMO games and incorporate them to Rust. Purge + wipe every 2 weeks - XP and SkillTree are not wiped! You keep your progression.

0 PVEKitsEventsEconomyFriendly

Map: Procedural Map

♣PVE + PVP Zones some EVENTS and nice Raidable Bases!♣ •A lot of Giveaways Win Supply Signals •Raid PVE and PVP Raidbases! •over 150+ RAIDABLE BASES(PVE+PVP) •Own Bradley and Heli SupplySignals 4 Level System Loot++ •PURGE TIME: Weekly or biweekly 24h before wipe! •NPC Bosses

5/120 KitsZombiesPVEInsta CraftPlugins

Map: Procedural Map

!WARNING! IF U JOIN US U WILL LOVE THIS SERVER! Join Us in Game press F1: client.connect

7/120 KitsLootPVEPvPBetter Loot

Map: Custom Map

Looking to try surviving in the brutal RUST world without PVP and toxic tweens who like to farm nakeds on the beach? Rusty Monkey has you covered. Here, it’s impossible to kill other players or raid player bases. Be warned – there are still plenty of NPCs and wild animals to take you down.

0/100 PVEZombiesFriendlyCustomModded