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Map: Procedural Map

Добро пожаловать в уникальный мир сервера RustLegacy PVE! У нас вы найдете невероятный опыт игры в Rust.

3/100 KitsPVEEconomyEventsLoot

Map: Procedural Map
1/75 KitsPvPPVECustomEvents

Map: Custom Map

Experience diverse gameplay in our friendly community!

4/75 PVESkinsActive AdminFriendlyModded

ButtHurt is a server where You may get your feeling hurt. PVE, Lot of Plugins and Plenty of Roaming area. Come Join us.. and just remember Don't get ButtHurt

0 WipeKitsActive AdminVipPVE

0 KitsVanillaPVEEventsEconomy

Monthly 5x, OFFLINE PROTECTION, Raidable Bases and Bosses. Custom map patrolled by non-playing admins. Ticket system for support and a very chill community. Around for 2 years now, we are in fact the original modded server.

0 KitsAdminPvPPVEEvents

0 KitsPVEEventsModdedActive Admins

Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Chaos Gaming PvE, a friendly Rust community. If you struggle with the PvP aspect of Rust why not come try out the PvE side of things. With a relaxed atmosphere and friendly players...for the most part.

1/100 KitsVote RewardsPVEModdedFriendly

Map: Procedural Map

Red Command server offers free vip to discord members. Modded for the pve environment with mild pvp zones in some events. We take our community serious and suggestions for new mods are welcome.

1/150 PVEModdedPvPKitsEvents

Map: Hex: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Skills | Jetpack | Zombies | Raid Bases

18/100 KitsCustomPVEZombiesEvents

Map: Hex: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Skills | Jetpack | Zombies | Raid Bases

103/100 KitsCustomPVEZombiesEvents

Map: Hex: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Skills | Jetpack | Zombies | Raid Bases

63/100 KitsCustomPVEZombiesEvents

Map: Custom Map

This server is focusses on bridging the two most opposite communities, Role players and Raiders. This is made possible by a unique mod allowing teams to enable raiding when they want to, once raidable they cannot go back to a non-raider until wipe.

2/15 FriendlyActive AdminsCustomPVEPvP

Map: Life4Gaming Maps

Skills sollen euch auch nicht zu kurz kommen, einen Skillbaum haben wir natürlich auch. Ihr wollt dauerhafte Beschäftigung dann Joint einfach und überzeugt euch selbst 🙂 Wir sehen uns auf dem Server !

1/100 PVEArenaEventsCustomLoot

Map: Custom Map

BADBOYS is a well-balance, high-performance modded server that offers players a fast-paced zombie-shooter with emphasis on survival and pregression in a ghastly atmosphere.

10/150 CustomModdedZombiesGatherPVE

Map: Procedural Map

SERVIDOR PVP MEXICANO Servidor x2 Mensual Forced Wipe. Events: Convoy Armored Train Racetrack Map Size 4K

0/100 PvPPVEInsta CraftVote RewardsEvents

Map: Custom Map

PvE server for those who want a heavily modded Rust experience.

2/75 PVEKitsModdedInsta CraftSkins

Map: Procedural Map

We are Super Best Friends! A fun and friendly PVE Server.

2/50 Friendly2xActive AdminModdedPVE

Map: Procedural Map


0/30 ZombiesModdedLevelsPVEPvP

Map: Procedural Map
0/150 PVESkinsPluginsModdedBetter Loot

Map: Procedural Map
15/79 KitsLootFriendlyClansPVE

Map: Procedural Map
2/25 KitsPVEFriendlyActive Admin2x

Map: Procedural Map

This is a fun and competitive PvE/PvP server. Show off your builds and skills.

4/50 PvPPVEPluginsVote RewardsSkins

A chill and friendly monthly vanilla PvE server, with custom maps and monuments, where all levels of players are welcome.

0 VanillaPVEArenaFriendlyPlugins

- 3x Gather Rates (2.8x Sulfer & Wood, 2x Stones) - 3x Loot! No trash loot in barrels - Increased Smelting and Crafting Speeds - Veteran Queue Skip - Shorter Nights - Recyclers at All Major Monuments - Custom AI

0 3xPVESkinsEventsEconomy