Lazy PVE
Rank 47
Game Rust
Status Online
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Players 0/0
Votes 49
All-time Votes 49
Uptime 100%
Last Check Check Pending
Country Canada
Types PVEKitsEventsEconomyFriendly
Owner chikito851
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Lazy PVE Qc || Purge 48h every 2 weeks

The server has the following modifications:
✧2x - 10x Resource Rate
✧2x - 10x Smelt & Craft Speeds
✧Better Loot Tables

The server has the following custom mechanics:
✧SkillTree: Get XP rewards by leveling up through farming, killing and crafting. Earn skill points wich can be used to unlock +80 unique perks.
✧EpicLoot: Find Epic equipements to complete one of 24 set types. Use EpicScrap to craft legendary set.
✧Battlepass: Complete various daily tasks for quests points. Spend these points to buy custom cases.
✧Custom vehicles - Biplanes and floating/turret/jet cars
✧Drug System: Complex DrugMixing recipes with unique buffs.
✧Ranking System: Fight for one of 37 titles.
✧BetterBackpack: Upgrade your backpack up to 42 slots.
✧BetterFurnaces: Upgrade your furnace and get up to 5x.

The server has the following Custom Events:
✧BankHeist - Defeat the vault guards and robb the bank.
✧Convoy - is a heavily guarded road Bradley.
✧Armored Train - is similar to convoy, on train.n✧Water Event - is a military submarine guarded by turrets and NPC.
✧Defendable Bases - is a 'CoD zombie' style event.
✧Sputnik - is a fallen satellite protected by turrets, heli, NPCs and mines.
✧RaidableBases - 150+ Raidable bases.
✧NPCRaider - Fight against NPCs raiding your base.