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Map: Procedural Map

Rusted Reality - Noob Friendly PvE - Skill Tree - Raidable Bases - No Racism - Inclusive Community - No Toxic BS - Friendly Admins - Drops - Discord - Come and join our awesome community.

22/80 PVEFriendlyVipVote RewardsKits

Map: Custom Map

Luffy Rust is a community of friendly people who like to discover, build, make new friends and enjoy a hostile free environment. If you like PVP, we offer PvE zones for events

5/50 KitsActive AdminFriendly10x GatherPVE

Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Altopia! We are a mostly PVE server with a partial PVP zone. Our admin staff have years experience in rust within PVE and PVP communities and work hard to provide a welcoming and friendly experience, free of toxicity.

4/125 KitsFriendlyModdedSkinsPVE

Map: Procedural Map
0/150 VanillaPVEFriendlyActive AdminEvents

Map: Procedural Map

Raidable Bases! Harbor Event! NPC Raiders! SkillTree! Leaderboards! Static Lootables! Extra NPCs at some monuments!

2/100 PVEEventsActive AdminsFriendly

Map: Procedural Map

Solo/Duo Only | Team Size Limited to 2 Very low upkeep so less time farming for your base upkeep. No BP wipes unless forced and cannot be bypassed

5/50 SoloVanillaDuoActive AdminsFriendly

Lazy PVE bring aspects from PVE/MMO games and incorporate them to Rust. Purge + wipe every 2 weeks - XP and SkillTree are not wiped! You keep your progression.

0/0 PVEKitsEventsEconomyFriendly

✔ 2x ✔ Quad ✔ PVP ✔ Monthly ✔ Offline Raid Protection ✔ Low Decay ✔ High Stacks ✔ Backpacks ✔ 10+ Events ✔ 85+ Raidable Bases ✔ Quality of Life Mods ✔ 1000+ Skins ✔ Ranks based on Playtime ✔ Statistics

0 PvPFriendly2xModdedEvents

Map: Procedural Map

PVP | PVE | RP | No VIP - special Friendly Village zone for chilling - the rest of the map is The Void. Tons of plugins, QOL, and respectful players! Bioweapons Trade, Cargo Train, Junkyard Scrappers, and Supply Convoy PvE events running. No Pay 2 Win

1/30 FriendlyActive AdminsSkinsEventsPlugins

Map: Procedural Map
0 Kits10x GatherZombiesFriendlyVote Rewards

150+ Plugins, Custom Maps, PvE, Events, Active Non-Player Admin

0 CustomModdedPVEActive AdminsFriendly

Map: Procedural Map

Red Gaming is a new gaming community. Currently we have one game server which is Rust PVE. The PVE server has raidable AI bases, economics, shop, and much more. We plan on in the future adding a PVP server for rust and opening more game servers for other games. Come join, we would love to see you.

0 KitsPVEFriendlyActive Admin2x

Map: Procedural Map

Rusty Rats 2x servers provides the ultimate near-vanilla Rust experience with all the QOL!

0/100 Active AdminsVanillaPvPEssentialsFriendly

Map: Custom Map

Looking to try surviving in the brutal RUST world without PVP and toxic tweens who like to farm nakeds on the beach? Rusty Monkey has you covered. Here, it’s impossible to kill other players or raid player bases. Be warned – there are still plenty of NPCs and wild animals to take you down.

0 PVEZombiesFriendlyCustomModded

Map: Procedural Map

Wipes every Wednesday @ 16:00 and Saturday @ 12:00(GMT+1) Server has No BP's

0/100 KitsLootFriendlyActive AdminsVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map
1/50 SoloPvPKitsFriendlyVote Rewards

0/0 KitsGatherFriendly3xEvents

Map: Procedural Map
4/160 KitsInsta CraftFriendlyLootGather

* Vanilla * No BP Wipe * Bi-weekly * PvE * Raidable Bases

0/0 VanillaVote RewardsPVEPvPFriendly

Map: Custom Map

NO WIPE! 5X Gather Tweaked for Balance. BotSpawn and Raidable Bases. NPC's and Roaming NPC Store. Full Raidable Bases including easy, normal, hard, nightmare, and expert. Skins purchasable for small amounts of scrap. Auto Doors, Shop, and Tweaked Loot tables. Random events and much more.

2/200 GatherLootFriendlyEventsSkins

A chill and friendly monthly vanilla PvE server, with custom maps and monuments, where all levels of players are welcome.

0 VanillaPVEArenaFriendlyPlugins

2xSolo-Duo-Trio server wipes Friday weekly Safe town on north shore for new players and role-players Better loot Quick smelt Faster Recycler Short Nights Auto Door Auto turret Auth Clans Small kits 2TP per day, lamps don't use fuel Guarded locked crate random event

0 PvPFriendly2xClansBetter Loot

Lots of custom event and Quality of Life mods. Take your time and enjoy the game. Scientists spawn at monuments and drop weapons. Custom maps with many unique places to explore.

0 FriendlyPVEEventsKitsModded

Map: Procedural Map

Welcome to Celestial RP, the proud partners of Streamers United! We offer an amazing Rust server with an amazing community and a fun overall experience. Join the server to find out more!! ✨ ❤️

0 GatherFriendlyActive AdminsBetter LootClans

Map: Procedural Map

You want to play RUST, try around, build a nice base, explore, find new friends and maybe do some soft RP stuff together with your friends? You don't want to be shot, raided or insulted while doing that? Well, you could be at the right place on Chill Your Base :)

0 FriendlyPVEInsta CraftActive AdminsVanilla