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Map: Custom Map
46/55 PluginsPVESkinsEventsVote Rewards

Map: SweRust Custom Map

A new way to experience Rust in PvE!

1/50 Active AdminVote RewardsEventsPVEPlugins

Map: Custom Map

Serveur convivial avec : PVE/zones PVP/Kit/ Shop/Nodecay/TP/Home/Events Auto et beaucoup d'autres pour améliorer votre jeu. Bienvenue!

3/50 KitsPvPPVEEventsPlugins

Map: Procedural Map
5/200 Friendly2xPluginsVote RewardsSkins

Map: Procedural Map

The Rusting Dead -Hardcore -No Map UI -Max Group 3 -Gather Rate 0.5X -Monthly Wipes -Scarce Loot -Last Wipe: 08/04 -Next: 09/07, -IP:

1/150 KitsPvPZombiesPluginsSkins

Map: Procedural Map

[EU] 12Guys Rust Server | Solo/Duo | XPerience Mod

0/100 PluginsLevelsDuoEventsCustom

Map: Procedural Map

♣PVE + PVP Zones some EVENTS and nice Raidable Bases!♣ •A lot of Giveaways Win Supply Signals •Raid PVE and PVP Raidbases! •over 150+ RAIDABLE BASES(PVE+PVP) •Own Bradley and Heli SupplySignals 4 Level System Loot++ •PURGE TIME: Weekly or biweekly 24h before wipe! •NPC Bosses

4/120 KitsZombiesPVEInsta CraftPlugins

Map: The Earth Apocalypse
1/50 TrioActive AdminsPluginsVote RewardsSkins

Map: Custom Map

custom map lots of plug ins 5 min nights no blue prints no work bench's recycle almost anything try it

0/200 PvPKitsCustomModdedPlugins

0 PvPKitsFriendly3xPlugins

Map: Procedural Map

US Uprising Lagoon 2x Monthly Large Vanilla+ [No BP Wipes]

0/300 2xPluginsActive AdminBetter LootVip

Map: Custom Map

Our server can offer you a really active, kind, and helpful staff team with a dedicated developer and unique plugins which can be only found on our server and nowhere else! Some of the key features are highlighted below!

0/12 KitsEconomyEventsVote RewardsPlugins

Map: Navezgane

The Friend Zone Rust Server Community based rust server fun and active members no pay to win of any kind.

0/8 Better LootInsta CraftPluginsAirdropsClans

Map: Procedural Map
1/150 PVESkinsPluginsModdedBetter Loot

Map: Procedural Map

This is a fun and competitive PvE/PvP server. Show off your builds and skills.

1/50 PvPPVEPluginsVote RewardsSkins

0 Active AdminCustomPlugins

A chill and friendly monthly vanilla PvE server, with custom maps and monuments, where all levels of players are welcome.

0 VanillaPVEArenaFriendlyPlugins

0 KitsTrioLevelsPluginsEconomy

Envious 5x Solo Duo Trio Quad Wipe Schedule: Weekly | Friday 12pm Max group: 4 20+ Plugins 5x Gather Rate | Instant Craft | 5x Barrels/Crates Clans | Quicksmelt | Skinbox | Mymini | Kits | Bgrade| And Many More!

0 PvPKitsClansInsta CraftPlugins

Envy Rust EU 2x Vanilla Quads Top three on leaderboard at end of wipe win skins! We currently have a giveaway for a tempered ak and press vest! Lightly modded vanilla plugins include: better loot, trade, furnace splitter, skin box, half craft, quick recycle IP: Team Size: 4 M

0 Gather2xBetter LootActive AdminsPlugins

FENIX 3X will provide you with a unique experience. Brand new Vehicle called the BiPlane and Custom Airwolf Venders at Airfield and Outpost. Wiped every other Thursday @ Noon CST Blueprints wiped on every force update Store: Discord:

0 Kits3xPluginsAnti CheatEconomy

- 5x Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad - Weekly wipe every Sunday @ 1800 GMT - BP Wiped on Force Wipe - 3.5k Map Size

0 KitsClansPluginsVote RewardsSkins

0 KitsWipeGatherLootPlugins

0 KitsPvPBetter LootClansPlugins

Monthly 5x, OFFLINE PROTECTION, Raidable Bases and Bosses. Custom map patrolled by non-playing admins. Ticket system for support and a very chill community. Around for 2 years now, we are in fact the original modded server.

0 KitsPvPPVEActive AdminPlugins