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MergeX x RUST
Introducing the “ASIC Miner” mod for Rust – an exciting addition that brings a new layer of strategy and competition to the game. With this mod, players will encounter “ASIC Miners” scattered across monuments on the map, presenting a 10% chance of spawning in loot chests at these locations.
Once discovered, these miners can be transported back to your base where they can be set up to generate passive income, simulating the real-life benefits of ASIC mining without the accompanying power costs.
Each miner contributes to a leaderboard, with their earnings resetting every 24 hours. However,
securing these valuable assets is crucial, as they can be stolen during raids.
Moreover, players can enhance their miners with two upgrade options: Fans and Solar Panels.

These upgrades, visibly placed on the exterior of the base and connected through electricity or Tool
The “ASIC Miner” mod promises to revolutionize Rust gameplay, encouraging teamwork, strategy, and resource management in the pursuit of wealth and dominance.

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