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Map: Procedural Map

ButtHurt is a server where You may get your feeling hurt. PVE, Lot of Plugins and Plenty of Roaming area. Come Join us.. and just remember Don't get ButtHurt

3/50 WipeKitsActive AdminVipPVE

Map: Procedural Map
0 VanillaPvPActive AdminsAnti CheatWipe

0/0 KitsWipeGatherLootPlugins

Map: Procedural Map

[7/15] Rustko | 2x Vanilla Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad Biweekly

5/75 KitsWipe2xVote RewardsSkins

Map: Procedural Map

5x.RainShark.NET is a 5x Rust Server with light plugins made toreduce the grind while still providing the best rust experience. The map is small increasing your chances of a player encounter. Early supporters will be given extra perks once the server grows.

0 PvPWipeModdedVote RewardsSkins

Join our Rust Server now and have a much fun with the Extras on our Server! We have nice and usefull Kits and Skill for you, if you join our Discord you get a new Kit with some nice Items. You can also use the Economy System on our Server. Have fun!

0 WipeKitsPvP3x

Map: Procedural Map
0 WipeGatherTrioBetter Loot2x

Map: Procedural Map

Vanilla+ with QoL plugins for those who dislike the pure vanilla gameplay!

0 PvPVanillaWipe

0 WipeFriendlyClansBetter LootVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

Bienvenue sur le serveur New Haven x3 - Discord: - Wipe 1 fois par mois - Joueurs par équipe : 5

0 KitsActive AdminLootWipeVanilla

Rabisu Hosting Rust Server

0 VanillaLootWipe

|US|Red Metal Raiders|PVP|Monthly|2xLoot|zLevels|Convoys|ArmoredTrains|RaidableBases|NoDecay|

0 PvPWipe2xModdedSkins

Ruined Lands has a good staff team we use premium plugins like alpha and skin box we do events and giveaways.

0 Active AdminModdedInsta CraftPvPWipe

0 PvPWipeKits10x GatherVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

this is a new server and need some support for u all.tq for choose my server play for fun guys..dont forget to vote this server

0 KitsPvPLootWipe

Map: Procedural Map

Server Loot Default Classic Active Admin

0 Vote RewardsWipeVanillaActive AdminAnti Cheat

2X server check out discord for more info

0 AdminPvPLootGatherWipe

Map: Procedural Map

Willkommen auf Rust-Vails! - Fair Play - Anfängerfreundlich - Monatlicher MAP Wipe - Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad/Penta Server, max. 5 Personen Teamlimit! - Stacksize x2 - Erze einfacher zu finden Chat Commands: - Große Holzkiste in Mülleimer Umwandeln: /trash - Autoradio einbauen: /attachradio

0 PvPBetter LootPluginsVote RewardsWipe

0 PvPPVEVote RewardsWipeClans

Map: Procedural Map

PVP | Noob Protection 2 Days | Max. TRIO | Bi-Weekly WIPE | Quality of Life Mod | Level-System | Ranks by Playtime

0 PvPVanillaLevelsTrioWipe

This is a noob friendly x2 server without vips or donations. Addons:Kits,Auto Doors,Playtime Gifts,Horse Seat,Anti Cheater System. 1. Max Team size is 2 2.. No excessive team-swapping. 3. NO GRIEFING (allow TC access after raiding) 4. No Racism / Homophobia , be a nice humanbeing.

0 2xSoloDuoWipe

Map: Procedural Map

2x Faster Crafting, Smelting, Recycling. 2x Gather Rate For Resources 2x Stack size Better loot Day: 50 min. / Night: 10 min. Map size: 3500

0 WipeFriendly2x

Map: RustyScavs_V1-5.8

Rusty Scavs! A 2x server with active admins and a growing community! Biweekly wipes! MAX TEAM SIZE: 6. 60 min daytime and 15 min nighttime! Starter kit that you can claim once per hour by typing /kit!

0 PvPWipeBetter LootActive Admins2x

0 Vanilla2xWipeSkinsVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

*Raid ONLY Monday-Friday 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM MEZ *Saturday-Sunday 08:00 AM and 11:00 PM MEZ

0 WipePluginsEvents