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Map: Procedural Map

Rusted Reality - Noob Friendly PvE - Skill Tree - Raidable Bases - No Racism - Inclusive Community - No Toxic BS - Friendly Admins - Drops - Discord - Come and join our awesome community.

22/80 PVEFriendlyVipVote RewardsKits

Map: Custom Map

ButtHurt is a server where You may get your feeling hurt. PVE, Lot of Plugins and Plenty of Roaming area. Come Join us.. and just remember Don't get ButtHurt

1/50 WipeKitsActive AdminVipPVE

Map: KongIsland_4.0

Freaky Beast offers over 240+ plugins, and allows the fun to never end! Noobs get a taste of VIP++ action with our 3hr Admin Gift Token type /tokenmenu in game, claim and drink your token.

1/100 VipPvPPVEModdedVote Rewards

Map: Procedural Map

¤ Max Team - 4 ¤ /help, Bgrade, Kit, PlaneCrash, TPR/Home, InstaCraft, Trade ¤ 5x Resources + Loot \n ¤ Always Day ¤ Lock-On Rockets, Plane Crash ¤ 2 week wipe every thursday 7pm ¤ Active Admins, Free 2 Hour VIP type /buy"

0/75 KitsActive AdminInsta CraftEventsVip

0/0 SkinsVipAnti Cheat3xBetter Loot

Map: Procedural Map

Uprising Gone Wild Server - 100x

4/150 VipLootKitsGatherModded

0 VanillaVote RewardsVipTrioAnti Cheat

Map: Procedural Map
0 PvPTrioVanillaVote RewardsVip

Map: EventMapV32
0 PvPArenaVipEventsEconomy

Map: Land_Of_Dead_ZWD_V.1.6

Take advantage of the ZWD nation and experience rust like you never have before, enter the world as a normal character, and build your own empire from dance clubs to hand cuffs and robberies and take the world into

0 10x GatherInsta CraftAirdropsVipModded