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Map: Procedural Map
2/200 PVEModdedKitsCustomInsta Craft

Map: Custom Map

We are a European PVE server with focus on having fun with the game. With an active friendly admin team who are happy to answer any.

1/212 PVEZombiesEconomyInsta CraftModded

Map: Procedural Map

¤ Max Team - 4 ¤ /help, Bgrade, Kit, PlaneCrash, TPR/Home, InstaCraft, Trade ¤ 5x Resources + Loot \n ¤ Always Day ¤ Lock-On Rockets, Plane Crash ¤ 2 week wipe every thursday 7pm ¤ Active Admins, Free 2 Hour VIP type /buy"

0 KitsActive AdminInsta CraftEventsVip

Map: HapisLE

X2 - Kit's - Instacraft - Sil - Raid Block - Stacks 10k para minerales - Skin's - Divisor de hornos

3/150 1xModdedSkinsInsta CraftActive Admins

0 ClansModded10x GatherKitsInsta Craft

Map: Procedural Map

Battlefield | 1000x | Anti Offline Raid | Small map | Zombie Hordes | PVP

0/75 ArenaModdedInsta CraftVote RewardsZombies

10x Server With Multiple Plugins To Enhance Gameplay And Bring New Experiences

0/0 Active AdminModded10x GatherInsta CraftKits

Map: Procedural Map
4/160 KitsInsta CraftFriendlyLootGather

Map: Procedural Map

◉ Welcome on [FR/EU] Les Petits Meurtriers x5 ◉ Informations serveur : • 3500 taille de la map • Taille d'équipe maximum : 5

0/250 PvPClansLevelsEconomyInsta Craft

Map: Procedural Map

You want to play RUST, try around, build a nice base, explore, find new friends and maybe do some soft RP stuff together with your friends? You don't want to be shot, raided or insulted while doing that? Well, you could be at the right place on Chill Your Base :)

0 FriendlyPVEInsta CraftActive AdminsVanilla

Map: JurassicPark
0 PVEActive AdminsEconomy10x GatherInsta Craft

Map: Procedural Map
0 EconomyPVEActive Admin10x GatherInsta Craft

Envious 5x Solo Duo Trio Quad Wipe Schedule: Weekly | Friday 12pm Max group: 4 20+ Plugins 5x Gather Rate | Instant Craft | 5x Barrels/Crates Clans | Quicksmelt | Skinbox | Mymini | Kits | Bgrade| And Many More!

0 PvPKitsClansInsta CraftPlugins

Map: Barren

A server intended for vehicle PvP, mini copter training, building, raiding and fun in general.

0 KitsInsta CraftAirdropsPvPLoot

0 Active AdminsBetter LootClansAnti CheatInsta Craft

Map: Procedural Map
0 PvPClansModded10x GatherInsta Craft

Map: Procedural Map
0 ModdedInsta CraftEconomyAirdrops

Ruined Lands has a good staff team we use premium plugins like alpha and skin box we do events and giveaways.

0 Active AdminModdedInsta CraftPvPWipe

Rusting-Away:3X | 30X Scrap | PvPvE | Monthly No BP Wipes

0 PvPPVEInsta CraftBetter LootActive Admin

Map: Procedural Map

Server Location: Dallas Texas, USA Wipe Schedule: Every Friday, full wipe including BP's @ 4:30 pm EST Donation Store: Discord: RustyRose is a modified server that is perfect for new RUST players. Friendly and active staff in-server and in

0 KitsTrioModdedInsta Craft3x

Map: ZombieLand-b1.6.2
0 KitsClansZombiesPVEInsta Craft

Map: Procedural Map

WARRIORS GAMING 5x Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad/Max 5|Loot X5|TP|Home|Kits

0 KitsInsta CraftEventsAnti CheatModded

Map: Procedural Map
0 KitsFriendlyZombiesInsta Craft2x

Map: Land_Of_Dead_ZWD_V.1.6

Take advantage of the ZWD nation and experience rust like you never have before, enter the world as a normal character, and build your own empire from dance clubs to hand cuffs and robberies and take the world into

0 10x GatherInsta CraftAirdropsVipModded

The Friend Zone Rust Server Community based rust server fun and active members no pay to win of any kind.

0 Better LootInsta CraftPluginsAirdropsClans