Chill Your Base
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You want to play RUST, try around, build a nice base, explore, find new friends and maybe do some soft RP stuff together with your friends?
You don't want to be shot, raided or insulted while doing that?

Well, you could be at the right place on Chill Your Base :)

The upkeep (material you need to have in your tool cabinet to maintain your base) is only half as high as on standard servers and we have some useful plugins for builders to remove own, unwanted walls without using explosives or the help of an Admin.

The rules are clear - No killing, insulting or raiding if it is not during a clearly communicated event. Stealing is not nice and could cost you friends but to keep it a little more interesting we don't forbid that in general. People must secure their stuff by building a base and being careful where they log out.
Only if other people destroy anything to steal we call this raiding and this is strictly forbidden.
Securing your base is a very good idea but please do not place turrets outside your base or let them shoot outside your base.
If we see turrets, traps, sam-sites or players hurting other players we will take actions.
There are no building restrictions as long as nobody else gets griefed (blocked, willingly annoyed...) by the structures.

Admins are available on our Discord and will be around randomly to help and see if everything runs well.
We are at the start, so we hope a community will grow slightly but surely and all have fun :)

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