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Meerkat Apocalypse 5x No BPs Weekly
Rank 1441
Game Rust
Status Offline
Discord Click to join
Players 0
Votes 0
All-time Votes 13
Uptime 0%
Last Check Auto server checking is disabled. Server has been offline for over a month. Server owner must manually enable!
Country United States
Types Active AdminsBetter LootClansAnti CheatInsta Craft
Owner MeerkatApocalyps

Meerkat Apocalypse is a professional rust server.


- Active admins
- No BPs & InstaCraft
- Improved loot
- Custom Loot (Balancing)
- Weekly wipes on Fridays
- Max 8 Clan Members
- 5 minute nights
- Full VIP integration
- Teleport to your friends
- Working Animals

Mods for nerds:
AirdropPrecision, AutoDecay, AutoDoors, AutoLock, Backpacks, BedsCooldowns, BetterChat, BetterLoot, BGrade, BlueprintManager, BuildingWorkbench, BypassQueue, Clans, ClanTeam, CraftQueueSaver, Dance, DisableColdDamage, FriendlyFire, FurnaceSplitter, GatherManager, Ignore, ImageLibrary, InstantCraft, KDRScoreboard, Kits, LootPlus, NightLantern, NoEscape, NoRecoil, NTeleportation, OnlinePlayers, PrivateMessages, QuickSmelt, RecyclerSpeed, RemoverTool, Scoreboards, SortButton, StackSizeController, TebexDonate, TimedEvents, ToolCupboardTurrets, Trade, UnburnableMeat, VIPTrial, Voter, WeaponNames, Welcomer, WelcomeScreen

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