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Game Rust
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The only Hardcore Gamemode with Global Chat
In Hardcore Mode, there are no safezones around Outpost or Bandit Camp anymore!
So in case, the Attack Helicopter, Animals or NPC's will attack you everywhere.
There is no ingame Team system anymore, including team chat (see PlugIn's > Clans for further info)
There is a global limit to beds/sleeping bags, set to 5
There are no drone marketplaces anymore.
There is no wounded system anymore! So when you are hit, you can not crawl away to increase your chance of survival.
There are also some additional minor changes, but the biggest difference is, there is NO MAP and No Compass anymore!
The missing map in particular creates a completely new experience, the necessity to use the terrain and landmarks for orientation
For our PvE Hardcore server, we try to strike a balance between the grind of survival, and the satisfaction experienced by making it on this island.
Since the hardcore mode is a new feature we have to see what works and what doesn't, especially concerning plugins.
We will alter and fine tune a lot of things in the coming weeks to what we believe creates a superior Hardcore PvE Experience
For October we will run a custom map that is beeing build for the hardcore mode for an even intensified and more challenging adventure!
We are already excited about it and would be happy if you gonna check it out.
We welcome feedback and opinion, so you are welcome to join our Discord and let us know what you think!

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